Top Tools for Student Kitchen Essentials

Off to university? Between lessons, socialising and studying, finding the time to cook wholesome and nutritious meals can be difficult. With these genius student kitchen essential tools available at Dexam, you can continue to eat and enjoy dishes that you love without sacrificing on precious time.

student kitchen essential avocado tool

Sistema TakeAlongs

One tip for students struggling with juggling their time and that is to precook dinner. By spending a Sunday afternoon, precooking dinner for the approaching week, you can save time in the long run. Need something to store your meals in? Try these handy student kitchen essential microwaveable, fridge and freezer safe containers from Sistema!

Dexam Microwave Plate Cover

After you have precooked your weeks meals, you will want to quickly reheat your dinner. While using this tough and durable microwave plate cover, you can heat your dinner without worrying about food being splattering all over the microwave.

charlesvlid top tool for student kitchen essential

Charles Viancin Silicone Lids

When cooking and preparing your dinner, you will want to speed up the process of cooking. Allowing you to speed up cooking and save energy at the same time is the student kitchen essential, wonderful Charles Viancin silicone lids. By placing on top of your saucepan, steam will become trapped, heating the water quicker!

Dexam Egg Poacher

Craving poached eggs on toast? Don’t waste time attempting to master the task of poached eggs, instead turn to the student kitchen essential Dexam Microwave Egg Poacher. Simple to use, create delicious poached eggs in seconds thanks to this handy tool.

Dexam Bag Clips

There is nothing more annoying than discovering your loaf of bread has turned stale or your crisps have spilled across the inside for the cupboard. With this student kitchen essential handy set of 10 bag clips, keep food fresh and secure, saving on money and food.

student kitchen essential tongs

Dexam 2in1 Spatula Tongs

Time is precious and the last thing that university students want to do is spend their time cleaning! With this handy 2in1 Spatula Tongs from Dexam, you can serve and prepare with this dual action tool. Save time on washing up, get cooking with this multipurpose tool.

For more fantastic cooking tools, speeding up the process of cooking while allowing you to enjoy your new-found freedom, visit our website for more genius ideas!