Stir-Up Sunday: Required Tools

An annual event, be Stir-Up Sunday ready and prepare your kitchen for the yearly event of Christmas Pudding making! An ancient tradition, the key to cooking a delicious Christmas Pudding is to be prepared, stocking your kitchen with the required tools and ingredients needed for smooth baking.

Here at Dexam we have a range of vital tools needed for all your festive requirements. With the help of Dexam, you can have one delicious and memorable Christmas that the whole family will love.


What you will need this Stir-Up Sunday.




Baking is a precise art with measurements needed for correct cooking. Here at Dexam we have a large range of kitchen scales in all styles and colours for precise baking.


Mixing Bowls

From separating your precisely measured ingredients, mixing bowls are an essential and versatile tool for the kitchen. Here at Dexam you can shop our stainless-steel mixing bowls in a range of sizes for all your cooking needs.



Whisking the eggs and the flour can be hard work, not any more with our selection of whisks. From our effortless Wonder Whisk to our stainless-steel balloon whisks, get whisking with the help of Dexam.




A versatile tool, use a spatula for stirring, cooking and all your mixing needs. At Dexam you have a choice between being playful with our Scion range or being bold with our animal print spatulas.



With the help of our large Supreme Stainless-Steel saucepan, you can steam your Christmas Pudding with confidence. Leaving for hours on end or overnight, use this durable and tough saucepan for all your steaming needs. For added confidence, our Supreme range comes with an included lifetime warranty.




Add some character and charm to your Stir-Up Sunday and use this festive Christmas timer to get into the Christmas Spirit! Keeping time, rely on this trusty timer for your Stir-Up needs.


Chasseur Casserole Dish

This equipment is optional, but for those wanting a more laid bake Stir-Up Sunday, we recommend using our trusty and reliable Chasseur cast iron cookware. Ideal for slow cooking, Chasseur is a versatile tool and when filled with water can be used as a steamer this Stir-Up Sunday.



With these essential tools, you can have one exciting Stir-Up Sunday. Bring the whole family together and get everyone helping  with the annual task of making the Christmas Pudding. If you like the idea of taking part in this yearly tradition, here at Dexam we have a recipe for you to follow using your versatile Chasseur casserole dish. See our recipe here.