Settle down for some Fika this New Year

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You have probably kept up with the latest Hygge trends of Danish lifestyle, now it’s time to relax with Fika from Sweden.

Heavily covered in home interior, fashion, eating and general lifestyle, Hygge has been very hard to ignore and it was during 2017 that we saw the rise of Lagom and Lykke, Scandi lifestyle trends to improve your overall happiness and general wellbeing.

One of the biggest imports that Hygge and Lagom have taught us, is the importance of allocating your time wisely. Whether that it’s spending quality time with friends in front of the fire on a cold winters evening, leaving work dead on five o’clock or taking the time to enjoy and savour our surrounding environment before it speeds on past.

These Scandinavian lifestyle trends that have firmly landed on British soil promises to increase your general happiness, bank balance and improve your sense of well being.

One key aspect that can be highlighted from these three trends is the importance of Fika. An untranslatable word, Fika can loosely be referred to as ‘a meet up, coffee and a chit-chat’. To participate in Fika you can meet up with friend for a duration of 10 minutes to several hours while enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a fresh pastry.

Why is Fika so popular? And how can I incorporate it into my life?

It may seem hard to believe, but Nordic countries have the highest number of coffee drinkers in the world, surprisingly outstanding Italy. How Nordic coffee differs to coffee found elsewhere, is it strength, enjoyed strong and filtered, making it acceptable to drink 2-3 cups of coffee in one sitting.

One of the easiest ways for you to incorporate Fika into your life is by taking time out of your routine to socialise with friends. Either in the morning, in the afternoon or an after work catch up, sitting down and unwinding over a warm cup and enjoying a sweet pastry or cake. The sweeter the better, with the traditional preference being a perfectly swirled cinnamon bun.

Fika doesn’t have to be enjoyed in a hipster café, you can add a splash of Fika to a business meeting or have a solo Fika with yourself, giving you time to unwind and catch up on the day’s events. For the Swedish, one of the most important times of the day to Fika is around three o’clock in the afternoon, while it is incredibly unacceptable to Fika at breakfast time.

For those readers who are contemplating this new and exciting routine to their everyday life, do not fear as to where you can Fika, as everywhere is Fika safe. From your home, to cafes to the workplace, feel free to Fika wherever you can and whenever you are together with friends.

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If you are wanting to jump onto this new lifestyle trend and give it a go, why not try making your own homemade Danish pastries to accompany your fresh pot of strong coffee? Take a look at our simple recipe that uses puff pastry.