A secret, must-have kitchen tool….

Are you looking for a quick and reliable way to mash food? Well with the Dexam Potato Ricer, mashing food will become a thing of the past.

The Handy Kitchen Tool Needed in Every Kitchen

must have kitchen tool ricer

A versatile, durable and handy kitchen tool, after being introduced you will wonder how you ever coped without it before! With the appearance of a large garlic press, this intimidating device is perfect for mashing ingredients at speed.

Often viewed as the most reliable way of creating mashed potatoes, a ricer has been a much-loved kitchen tool since the beginning of time. Lump free results, how does a potato ricer work? Part boil your potatoes before cutting into smaller chunks and placing into the cabin of your potato ricer. For those who purchase the Dexam Deluxe model, 2 stainless steel blades are included along with plastic handles that when squeezed, mash the potato and create small potato looking noodles. An amazing magic trick, by adding a small amount of milk and some butter to the potato noodles and by stirring with a folk, without realising you have created the best mashed potato you have ever tasted!

One of the biggest joys that home cooks discovered when using their potato ricer and that is the need not to have to peel their potato before ricing it. When using the Dexam potato ricer, by keeping the skin on, you will notice at the end the left over potato peel at the bottom of the kitchen tool.

Not Just For Potato: the many uses of this helpful kitchen tool

Along with being able to create lump free mashed potato, you are probably wondering what else you can rice in a potato ricer?

the secret kitchen tool

Avocado… Perfect for making homemade lump free guacamole. By passing the avocado through the potato ricer, you can make your dressing super smooth.

Egg mayonnaise salad…. Instead of mashing your boiled egg with a fork use your handy kitchen tool instead!

Spinach… Whether you are cleaning or cooking spinach, a tried and tested method to removing excess water and that is by using your potato ricer.

Garlic. When mincing large quantities of garlic, use your potato ricer. Fitting multiple garlic cloves, your kitchen tool will make light work of mincing.

Fresh juice… From orange to lemon, turn your potato ricer into your family’s hand juicer. By improvising and using your potato ricer, you can have fresh juice without having to go to the shop.

Cheese… Can’t find your cheese grater? Don’t panic and instead use your potato ricer. Your potato ricer kitchen tool works best with soft cheese such as feta.

Fruit. Do you have soft or cooked fruit that you are wanting to puree your before turning into homemade jam? Use your wonderful potato ricer.

Discover this secret kitchen tool and purchase your potato ricer today!

If we have informed and educated you on the many wonders that is the potato ricer, the next step to hassle free cooking is to purchase this must-have kitchen tool for yourself. At Dexam, we have a ricer for all budgets.

While the middle of the range is the Stainless-Steel Potato Ricer for £28.00

For those on a budget, there is the Deluxe Potato Ricer for an affordable £16.50