• One Pan Christmas Dinner with Chasseur

    The One Pan Christmas Dinner Guide From Dexam The trend of one pan cooking has been on the rise and celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver are forever shouting their praises about this new style of cooking. The popularity behind one pan cooking is high, not only because of the reduced amount of washing up that is accumulated at the end but also due to the intense flavours that are generated. Whe ...

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  • Lighten the load this Christmas with Chef’n

    Christmas can be a stressful time, with so much preparation and cooking to complete, you can often feel out of control. Every year we promise ourselves that this Christmas will be different and that we will create less demands for ourselves, allowing us to fully enjoy the holiday with our family. At Dexam we have found a way for you to have that ultimate Christmas that you have always wanted but ...

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  • Have a slow cooked Christmas

    Winter is a fantastic time for many. No matter whether you love or loathe the chill there is something magical about wrapping yourself up and stepping out into the cold, battling against the wind in search of Christmas gifts for loved ones. One aspect we love most about the winter season, along with the opportunity to gorge on hot chocolate and mountains of marshmallows, is the increase of slow c ...

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  • Alcoholic coffees to wake you up this winter

    You may not want to hear it but coffee drinkers are beginning to overtake the number of people who prefer to enjoy a hot mug of fresh brewed tea. A growing trend shown in the increasing emergence of coffee shops setting up in towns and cities nationwide; Britain is slowly becoming a country run by the coffee culture. For those who brand themselves coffee connoisseurs and are wanting to try s ...

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  • Cooking your Christmas pudding with cast iron

    An annual event; preparing your family’s Christmas pudding takes place on the last Sunday before advent and is the time for those who enjoy this tradition to get their hands dirty and make this iconic pudding. A true symbol of Christmas, the Christmas pudding is one of few puddings that can cause disruption and chaos to the aisles of many supermarkets nationwide. When it comes to making your ...

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  • Banish the chill with our selection of tea cocktails

    For tea drinkers across the country, the idea of adding alcohol to your brew seems like the ultimate sin. If like us you are looking for a little buzz and wanting to combine your favourite tipple with your true love, a mug of hot breakfast tea, here’s how you can be adventurous without ruining a national past-time. Whether you enjoy your tea black, like it milky with a sugar or prefer it gre ...

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  • Make Christmas a handmade affair

    Coming up with interesting and thoughtful gifts every year for family and friends is never easy. The popular trend of gift making has been bubbling under the surface for many years, but for those wanting to give people they care about the ultimate, personalised gift this year, making your own gifts can be fun and meaningful. Receiving handmade gifts from friends feels like a personal touch, a gi ...

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  • Get festive with our selection of alcoholic Hot Chocolates

    Winter is firmly upon us and we all love nothing more than snuggling up with a warm cup of hot chocolate laced in marshmallows. If you are like us and wanting to truly get into the festive spirit, why not have a go and add a splash of alcohol to our comforting classic and banish away the cold. There are many alcohol options to add into your cup; from rum, amaretto to the more festive peppermint ...

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  • Father's Day

    Lots of excitement round here about Father’s Day. Men in the office looking pleased with themselves and generally going on about how much they care. If you ask me, the one thing they care about is that their families get off down to the off license before it closes, so that Father’s Day can be celebrated in ‘the traditional way’.   Myself, I don’t really get it. I live with my ( ...

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    Most of us mistakenly think that Mother’s Day is the same thing as Mothering Sunday. The latter is a religious festival where, traditionally, people went back to their ‘mother church’ (the one they were baptised in) to celebrate motherhood, whereas Mother's Day springs from a long campaign waged from 1905 by Anna Jarvis in West Virginia, USA, to recognise the debt we all owe to our mothers. ...

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