• The Year of the Dog and what's in store

    Chinese New Year is an exciting holiday that reaches around the globe to give us all an exciting taste of ancient Chinese tradition. This important festival is more than just authentic Chinese cuisine, instead representing the beginning of the Chinese calendar based on the moon cycles of the year. The exact date of the Chinese New Year varies year to year and often falls between 21st January and ...

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  • Get creative this Christmas

    Christmas is a wonderful time. Whether you are stuffing your faces with sweet treats, spending quality time with the family or getting into the festive spirit, Christmas is a time to unwind and overindulge. With everyone together relaxing during the holiday, boredom can surface and raise its ugly head. One idea for when you are next gathered together with the family and thinking of something d ...

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  • Have a steamer Christmas with the Supreme range

    When cooking up the Christmas dinner there is much preparation that goes into the finished masterpiece. With many pots and pans used to steam, roast and boil various vegetables, finding an easier and time saving method to create the annual Christmas day dinner seems like a blessing. There is much stress and panic during the cooking of the Christmas dinner, is the broccoli cooked? Why are the Br ...

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  • Give a gift of a lifetime, Chasseur cast iron

    With the merry season of Christmas comes the dreaded task of thinking up what new and unique gift ideas the recipient is going to enjoy? Wanting to give them something unique that they are going to love and use time and time again; thinking outside of the box is a must for coming up with some truly special ideas. While some people like to go all out and buy a humorous if not sentimental gift, ...

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  • The ever-versatile quiche pan: don’t settle for bland this Christmas

    Quiche pans are a handy versatile tool, perfect if wanting to make a quiche Lorraine or perhaps a gluten free frittata, your quiche pans are more universal than you once thought. It may be obvious to say but when it comes to cooking up the family a fresh cheese and bacon quiche, a tin is not always necessary, instead you may choose to opt for a roasting tray or any ceramic dish that you may have ...

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  • Get creative with your baking this Christmas

    Christmas is the time to give into temptation and over indulge ourselves on rich, sweet food that leaves us feeling stuffed and taking a mid-afternoon nap. One part of Christmas that we particularly love, is the desserts that surround us. From the traditional Christmas pudding, to cute little gingerbread men and a sweet roulade that makes our teeth rot, Christmas is all about sweets and sugar. ...

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  • Give a unique gift to the tea lover in your life, a new teapot

    Why give a gift that the receiver will eventually grow tired of or worse never use? If the person you are buying for loves their tea and enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with friends and loved ones while sipping on a warm mug of Earl Grey, we have the answer for you. Treat those that you are buying for too a new teapot, that they can treasure for years to come and create many new m ...

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  • Have a wokking Boxing Day

    Whether it be the stuffing or the mountain of vegetables piled high on top of your plate, one of  the biggest joys of Christmas is the food that we devour.  For some families, they choose to go all out, stocking every available space of their fridge with food that they know deep in their hearts they never manage to eat before the expiry date. Other families may just choose to do Christmas on a ...

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  • The Turkey Tradition

    Have you ever wondered how turkey came about as being the traditional meat choice for the annual Christmas Dinner? Whether you love or loathe this traditional poultry, Christmas eating for many is summarized by the choosing, buying and cooking of this particular bird. Often forgotten about for most of the year, the beginning of December means the frantic panic on families nationwide as we  rush ...

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  • Planning the Christmas Dinner, a stress-free guide

    Organising the Christmas dinner is a large task and can result in much stress and panic when the time comes to execute the plan. For those who have a long list of jobs to prepare for the big day, they will find themselves planning and preparing as much food as possible on Christmas Eve. Along with organising which food you are intending to cook and when and planning all the cooking times which y ...

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