• Spooky Pumpkin Recipes

    Transform your Halloween and have one delicious evening with our stomach growling pumpkin recipes. When entertaining guests, bring out these spooky recipes created using left over pumpkin flesh and seeds from your afternoon pumpkin carving. ...

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  • Dexam’s Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Guide

    A seasonal skill, mastering the art of carving pumpkins can be fun and exciting. An opportunity to express your unique flair, while designing a pumpkin that is wacky and memorable, carve the pumpkin correctly and you can turn your creation into a delicious dish. ...

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  • Top Gifts this Father’s Day

    Father’s Day is speedily approaching and for those beginning to panic, we have the answer. Compiling a superb list of genius ideas that will exceed your father’s expectations, get Father’s Day ready with the help of Dexam and our top 10 recommended gifts. ...

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  • Fun things to do this Easter

    Easter is quickly approaching, the time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Christ. But for most, this holiday is not just about religion... Chocolate eggs; the Easter holiday, a time spent in a chocolate coma, days spent with sticky hands and stomachs swollen from the consumption of your entire body weight in large hollow chocolate eggs. Getting the whole family active this Easter can ...

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  • Myths and Traditions Surrounding Hot Cross Buns

    Nothing quite beats a warm Hot Cross Bun served with melted butter that oozes over the surface. For many the arrival of Easter and the beginning of spring can be symbolised in the arrival of Hot Cross Buns. These lightly spiced and fruity buns filled with raisins and currents will appear on supermarket shelves and on adverts on our TV's from as early as February. Although we have been enjoying ...

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  • That's eggcellent

    The approach to Easter is now on, that time of year where everything involves the consumption of eggs. Hollow chocolate in the shape of an egg, eggs boiled hard and decorated before being rolled down hill to the perfect poached egg served on sourdough with smashed avocado for the ultimate lazy Sunday morning breakfast. No matter how you prefer your eggs, make sure that you cook your eggs just ri ...

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  • History of the Easter Egg

    A symbol to Easter for many from the Western world, but when asked about the true meaning of the chocolate Easter Eggs, many of us and myself included are left speechless. Unsure of what the true meaning holds or the significance of the chocolate egg, this traditional Easter gift is less spiritual than it is greed. Feeling curious over discovering the true meaning, I have decided to get researchin ...

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  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year in style

    With the Chinese New Year quickly approaching, you are most likely wondering how best you should celebrate the evening. Choosing to celebrate the New Year is a fantastic way to gather friends, family and loved ones and do something different, creating a memorable evening that you will all treasure for years to come. One of the many joys about the Chinese New Year, is unlike the New Year on the ...

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  • Cook up your own Chinese Takeaway

    Chinese New Year is quickly approaching and what better way is there to celebrate than gathering your family and friends together and cooking up a delicious Chinese Takeaway. At Dexam, we believe in the importance of healthy and delicious food. While we are in no way wanting to discourage you from ordering yourself a takeaway from your favourite Chinese restaurant, there is something quite magi ...

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  • The History of China Town

    To celebrate the approaching Chinese New Year we are fully embracing all things Chinese. Whether that is sitting down with your friends and enjoying a hot mug of Green Tea, or heating up some spicy noodles with Bao dumplings to celebrate the Year of the Dog. To embrace the Chinese culture, we are going to explore the wonderful world of Chinatown. London’s own Chinatown is an exciting escape f ...

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