Scion Living, Improving Your Dining Experience

An important part of the day, many of us overlook the importance of sitting down together with the family to enjoy a humble meal. With our Scion Living collection, you can add some fun and charisma to your dining table, motivating uninterested teenagers to participate in this daily family activity.

Bringing together the family and allowing you to catch up on the antics experienced throughout the day, share a laugh or two and unwind with your family.

Instead of eating alone in front of the television with your meal on a tray, make a conscious effort to lay the table for a family dinner to look forward to.

An important activity, sitting down together to enjoy a healthy meal is often one of the only times busy families can catch up during the working week.

So how can you change the way you view meal times and how can you instantly improve the appearance of your dining table? We recommend using the stylish and charming Scion Living range.

Add style and charm to your table with our Scion Living placemats

With 2 different designs, these Scion Living placemats promise mess free results while bringing some charm and playfulness to your table in the form of the lovable and mischievous Mr Fox.

Not just for children, adults too will love these machine washable placemats and being gift boxed, make the ideal gift for friends.

Allowing you to reduce the amount of waste that is created around your dinner time, instead of using single use paper napkins, we recommend using the colourful Scion Living set of 4 napkins.

Adorable and fun, this set of 4 napkins allow you to inspire children of all sizes to sit up at the dining table, participating in the days discussion.

If you like the look of our Scion Living tableware and want to prepare and dress your table for an evening of laughter, thrills and bonding, then head over to our website.

From protecting and adding much needed warmth to your dining room, head over to our Scion collection for more superb items.

A young and trendy design, Scion has become a well-loved addition to many homes and kitchens across the country and is ideal for adding a quick burst of sunshine into an otherwise dull room.

For that natural light and charm that you seek, visit Dexam today!