Rise of meat free food sales

vegan diet2

The increase of meat free food sales is increasing every day and even the most passionate of meat eaters cannot escape the increasing trend of vegetarianism and veganism. The idea of one banishing all animal related products from their diet has in turn seen a rise in meat free food sales. The creation of meat free bacon and dairy free ice cream has been booming to meet food cravings that are no longer being satisfied. An industry on the rise, avoiding the growth of vegetarian substitutes has become a challenge. From appearing on the menu in your local restaurant, to the assignment of shelves in supermarkets nationwide, whether you are looking for a meat free alternative or are curious about the taste of these artificial foods, now is the time to get experimental.

With the population of the British public changing their view and opinion of the meat industry and becoming subconsciously more mindful about the animal and the treatment it receives. People are consequently becoming more conscious of their own actions and choosing to lead a vegan or vegetarian diet to reverse their wrongs. With the decline of households purchasing meat and instead opting for a meat free day once every week, the industry has thought up a plan to cater to their cravings and offer a meat alternative to their once favourite dishes.

Many people and ourselves at Dexam included will admit we love nothing more than a bacon sandwich and the mere thought of going without our beloved pork is incomprehensible! For those who have given up meat or are planning to go on a vegan diet, then do not fear as the creation of meat free bacon can satisfy any cravings that you may have. It is not just meat free bacon that has emerged through the rise of vegans and veggies worldwide, shroomdog sausages and BBQ pulled Jackfruit can both be purchased from Sainsburys as a meat free alternative. With coconut milk being used to make a cream cheese to almond ice-cream, companies have been incredibly inventive when turning a product into something customers are no longer able to consume. One of our favourite discoveries and one we are planning to sample ourselves very shortly is Baileys made from almond milk!

The rise of both vegan and vegetarian lifestyles can be seen in the rise of meat free items. Growing in sales by 40% year on year. while soy made products are up 29% year on year.

Yet it is not just supermarkets where the rise of such lifestyles has been made apparent to the rare few that still enjoy a burger or who turn to a bar of chocolate after a rough day at work. Restaurants and cafes across the country have all joined aboard the bandwagon, a trend that is growing in popularity day by day. From Zizzi, J D Weatherspoon's, Wagamama to Pret A Manger, everyone has joined in on the action and making a profit out of this lifestyle choice.

Whether a movement caused through guilt or hope in the belief that vegetarianism can reduce one's carbon footprint and slow down climate change. One thing that can be certain is that this craze that has swept across the world has only just caused a rustle, the true effects are yet to come!pineapple

At Dexam we are curious, have you gone meat free? Or perhaps you can enlighten us on your decisions on going vegan. Please feel free to contact us either on our Facebook or Twitter page.