Have you made the switch? Six reasons you need a reusable water bottle

reusable water bottleWe all know that plastic production is terrible for the environment. Big companies are now making efforts to use less plastic in their packaging, and leading supermarkets are making moves to stop providing plastic carrier bags at their checkouts. Plastic-free alternatives to essential products are also becoming ever more popular and accessible. So perhaps it is time we turned the lens towards ourselves and examined our own plastic consumption, to reduce it as much as possible.

One of the easiest and least effort things we can do is switch from single-use plastic to a reusable water bottle - one that we can reuse time and time again. Investing in one means you can refill and take it with you wherever you go, rather than having to keep buying single-use plastic bottles. 

Six persuasive arguments to convince you to make the switch

1. To help the environment

The most obvious argument for switching to a reusable water bottle is that you are doing your bit for the environment. Even recyclable plastic water bottles still have to be manufactured (often using crude oil), and the recycling process itself is also damaging. Many plastics don’t even end up being recycled, so for peace of mind, it’s always best to stick to reusables. 

2. To save those pennies

While reusable bottles are more expensive than buying a single-use bottle of water initially, the more you use them, the more cost-effective they will become. You can easily buy a decent quality reusable water bottle for around £10-£15, and so you only need to use it around ten times before you start to save money. 

3. It’s more hygienic

As long as you wash and take proper care of your water bottle, then this could be the more hygienic way of drinking. Plastics in reusable water bottles can contaminate the water, meaning we ingest them. Also, people who keep refilling their single-use water bottles will find they soon get grubby and aren’t easy to clean, which means germs and bacteria could start to build up in them.

4. To boost your health

By drinking from a reusable bottle, you know exactly where your water has come from. Evidence supports the theory that you are also more likely to drink water if you carry a reusable bottle with you and, therefore, you’ll stay better hydrated too.

5. For durability

A reusable water bottle is designed to, well, be reused! This means it’s made from sturdier stuff than your single-use plastic, so you’re less likely to experience pesky leaks or spillages. No one likes a soggy bag after all!

6. The more convenient option

We all know that drinking lots of water throughout the day is good for you. However, it’s not always easy to go running to your local shop when you need to grab another bottle of water, or if you are traveling, or perhaps in the middle of nowhere on a hike. Having a reusable bottle means that wherever you go, water can come too, and that makes it the far handier and more convenient choice. 

Reusable Water Bottles from Dexam

The arguments above make for some pretty compelling evidence as to why switching to a reusable water bottle is a smart move. If you haven’t already made the change, why not do so today and browse our range of top-quality, stylish water bottles for inspiration?