Ten quirky kitchen products you never knew you needed

Are you the kind of cook who loves to have all the latest weird and quirky kitchen products in your kitchen? Are you always on the lookout for something unusual but super handy to help make cooking easier? Perhaps you are searching for that perfect helpful or hilarious gift for your friend or relative who loves to create mouth-watering recipes? Whatever you are looking for, our list of ten quirky kitchen products is a great place to start!

From bike shaped pizza cutters to oversized forks - the top quirky kitchen products you need for 2020

In our list, you'll find fantastic kitchen accessories from super practical yet lesser-known tools that can help make cooking hassle-free, to silly and fun gifts that make perfecting those delicious dishes all the more exciting!

So what are these unusual kitchen products you never knew you needed? Let's take a look!


Avocado scoop 

Avocados are a nutritious and delicious superfood that can be tossed into salads, whizzed into soups and made into delectable dips - or just eaten as is. As good as avocado is to eat, however, preparing one can be tricky. The combination of the skin, the stone, and the slippery flesh can mean that you end up wasting half of it if you're not careful. 

However, long gone are the days you'll need to battle with this pesky but oh so tasty fruit - with the avocado scoop, preparing an avocado is so easy!

The avocado scoop is a must-have gadget and makes for effortless scooping of the flesh to do with as you please. This versatile tool can also be used for other scoop-able fruit and veggies such as melon, mango, and many more.

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Onion goggles 

Onions are a household staple, and yet many budding chefs steer clear of them because of how challenging they are to prepare. A good, strong onion can play havoc with your peepers and leave you crying like a baby, (not something that is particularly helpful when you've got a knife in your hand).

Onion goggles put an end to this risky humiliation, in a humorous onion design these crazy goggles will protect your eyes and stop you crying when chopping them, and you'll look pretty slick while you're at it too!

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Monster colander 

Getting children to take an interest in the kitchen can be tough at times, that's why investing in some fun kitchen products can be just the thing you need to encourage them to assist you in cooking meals, and hopefully make them more excited to eat the food they've helped to prepare too.

Kids are sure to love the bright yellow spaghetti monster colander with its big, googly eyes. He'll drain your spaghetti to perfection but can also be used to drain rice, potatoes, and vegetables and can be used as a salad server too!

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Big Fork 

Who doesn't need a giant fork in their kitchen, right? The larger than life Big Fork from New Soda is made from stainless steel, is super easy to use and practical too. It's ideal for those who love to cook a big Sunday roast as its giant prongs will hold in place the meat as you turn it during cooking or carve it when it's done.

You can also use the big fork as a server for spaghetti or salad, and its silicone handle makes it easy to grip and lots of fun to use. 

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Sweetcorn peeler 

Juicy, sweet, and fun to eat, sweetcorn is a great addition to any meal. It's best eaten fresh, and that means understanding how to prepare it from the cob.

While you can spend your time carefully picking off each kernel of corn one by one, we all know you've got better things to do with your time so instead, why not invest in a handy sweetcorn peeler which makes light work of the task and leave you free to concentrate on bigger and better things? This high-quality, easy to clean tool removes kernels quickly and easily and collects them together at the bottom - what more could you ask for?

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Get a grip training chopsticks 

Don't you just hate it when you order a delicious meal at your local Chinese restaurant, and break out in a nervous sweat as you look down to see nothing but chopsticks. Or perhaps you head to a friend's house for what is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable evening only to discover they are serving 'authentic' Asian cuisine - and by that, they mean 'nobody gets a fork, OK?' 

For most of us perfecting the use of chopsticks takes time, practice and patience and when you want to gobble up your chow mein, and your food keeps slipping off just as you are about to get a taste of it can be more than a little frustrating. 

Get a grip training chopsticks are for those who need a little help. Much like training wheels on a toddler's bike, they'll help you get used to the somewhat daunting prospect of eating with chopsticks until you feel ready to move onto the real thing.

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Head Chef Hat 

If you know someone who likes to be the boss in the kitchen, or is always coming to inspect what you are rustling up, maybe with a piece of unsolicited advice or a cheeky unnecessary stir of your pots and pans, a head chefs hat could be just what you need. Let everyone know who's in charge and look and feel the part with the fun head chefs hat - fully machine washable of course!

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Automatic Pan Stirrer 

If you love food but hate cooking, then the automatic pan stirrer might be the gadget you've been waiting for. Once you've chopped sautéed and slaved over your meal, the last thing you want to do is have to 'just keep stirring' for the next couple of hours as the ingredients do their thing. Instead, why not kick back with a glass of your favourite tipple and let the automatic pan stirrer take over?

Get your ingredients simmering away on low heat, place the stirrer in the pan, set the timer, aaaannnd relax.

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All in one pan

We all know how satisfying it can be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but when you return after your meal to a scene of devastation in the kitchen and look at the stacks of pots and pans waiting to be washed up, it can be enough to turn you to microwavable meals for one forever.

However, just as luck would have it, there is a solution. The all in one pain can be used to make anything from gorgeous fry-ups to healthy dinners. It has several compartments so you can add the next ingredients when you need to, and cook everything all at once, and when you're done enjoying your feast, you've just got the one measly pan to wash up, and then you're ready to Netflix and chill.

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Bicycle pizza cutter 

The humble pizza is ideal for popular and easy family dinners, sharing with friends, and generally being one of those comforting foods that never fails to put a smile on your face. Of course, when it comes to creating the perfect slice, you need the ideal pizza cutter to not only make dividing your pizza a breeze but also to keep you looking fresh and stylish while you do it.

The iridescent bicycle pizza cutter does the job nicely. Not only does it whizz through even the deepest pan crust like a dream, but it is also rather delightful to look at. An ideal gift for pizza lovers and cycling enthusiasts alike, this rainbow coloured cutter will get the party started in style!

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So whether you are looking for a stupendous stocking filler or cracking Christmas gift, a brilliant birthday surprise or just want to give a spontaneous gift to show you care - we've got you covered. With these ten quirky kitchen products everyone from passionate chefs, to gadget geeks and even the laziest of cooks are sure to find something that will make them smile and get them back into cooking and loving the kitchen once more.

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