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Everyone round here has gone crackers for animals, and I don't get it.

The first I heard of it was when I came in a couple of weeks ago and heard a couple of them talking about 'Mr Fox'. I assumed that this was someone new who was about to start work with us, and wondered idly if he had a good taste in biscuits.

Then it turned out that Mr Fox was an animal, and that we were printing thousands of kitchen textiles with his picture on.

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Call me narrow minded, but this is stupid. Foxes are things that come into our garden after everyone has gone to bed and make a) too much noise, b) too much mess and c) too much smell. A bad thing, in other words. Why would you want to make an oven glove out of them? Or an apron? Or a dishcloth? Helen told me it was all about design, and why didn't I go off and have a good sleep, which is what I did.

Next thing I hear, they've all gone daft over a hedgehog called Spike. Which is strange, because hedgehogs, like foxes, also only come into our garden at night. They've got a depressing habit of curling up into a ball when my Mum and I get interested in them. But the guys here have decided in their infinite wisdom to turn them into aprons as well. Makes you wonder who on earth wants an apron with a hedgehog on the outside.

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Apparently all of the lovely new products are going to arrive in a few weeks, and they're proving to be extremely popular. It's called 'licensing', I gather, which I thought was something that dogs used to have to have, but don't any more.

Be that as it may, it says to me that you can take marketing too far. A simple plate of food on the floor is good enough for me.

PS Just heard Helen and Caroline talking about rabbits. Now you're talking!