• Our Resolution: Top 5 products to help waste reduction in 2020

    With the end of the year fast approaching, many people use this time to reflect on the past twelve months and consider what goals and aspirations they can put in place to ensure that the next year is even better. There have been a lot of positive steps taken over the past year in an attempt to counter climate change. With many leading figures speaking out about the importance of waste reduction ...

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  • Zero waste gift ideas this Christmas from Dexam 

    Christmas is a time of languorous excess; we congregate with family and friends to give and receive presents, as well as eat and drink far too much. However, in this day and age, as our environment becomes an increasing concern, all should start to be in moderation. So, the holiday of excess should instead start to be defined in terms of sustainable holiday festivities, in spite of tradition and ...

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  • War on Plastic: 15,000 single-use plastic items in the average UK street

    The shocking amount of plastic used in a typical household was uncovered in a recent BBC documentary 'War on Plastic.' The programme revealed that there are 19,500,000,000 pieces of plastic inside UK homes at any given time, and even the most astute anti-plastic individuals find it impossible to say goodbye to plastic for good. The Scary Truth about The War on Plastic Even those who have ditch ...

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  • Zero Waste Week! Which of our products can help with your waste reduction?

    Here at Dexam, we are always trying to think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint, to become a greener and more ethical business.  We want to make sure we supply more sustainable, eco-friendly products to our customers. Our eco-friendly efforts to provide durable products that stand the test of sustainability can help to ease your way into a decisively greener lifestyle this zero waste week! ...

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  • Be healthier this summer and save money with Dexam's eco friendly products!

    We all know that summer is the time that many people decide to get in shape. People turn over a new leaf, and become a happier, healthier version of themselves. With our eco friendly products, we make that a little easier! However, being healthy isn't just about ditching crisps and chocolate for smoothies and salads. It's also about being more considerate to the way we live and taking steps, ho ...

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  • Sustainable food storage with Beeswax Wraps

    When it comes to containing and keeping food fresh, we all want to use a more sustainable and environmentally friendly form of packaging. Cutting unnecessary plastic from your routine can appear to be a difficult challenge. But not when it comes to using Beeswax Wraps. Sustainable, environmentally friendly and an organic alternative to plastic, Beeswax Wraps are a top choice for those wanting ...

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  • Follow Our Tips On Alternatives To Cling Film

    A taboo word in the kitchen, cling film has become a product that many of us conscious cooks do not want to be associated with. A once handy product, there was little that you would not wrap with clingfilm! However, times are changing and trends have developed and this plastic, single-use product is no longer a product of choice. So are there alternatives to cling film? Whether you prefer to wr ...

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  • Which is better? Wooden vs Plastic Chopping Boards

    We discuss the pros and cons of wooden and plastic chopping boards and establish which is the better product to use in your kitchen. Find out here. ...

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  • How To Keep Cheese Fresh At Home

    How to keep cheese fresh? From cheddar, mozzarella to Stilton, no matter your preference of cheese or how strong your love of this dairy substance is, there is a challenge that many cheese lovers will all face. Difficult to store, the strong odour of cheese can taint many other ingredients in the fridge. Along with leaving a lasting pong, cheese can be a tricky and tiring ingredient to store. Go ...

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  • How to look after your Charles Viancin lids

    Read our guide on how to look after your Charles Viancin lids featuring storage and cleaning tips to keep your BPA- free silicone covers sparkling fresh. ...

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