Planning the Christmas Dinner, a stress-free guide

Organising the Christmas dinner is a large task and can result in much stress and panic when the time comes to execute the plan.

For those who have a long list of jobs to prepare for the big day, they will find themselves planning and preparing as much food as possible on Christmas Eve.

Along with organising which food you are intending to cook and when and planning all the cooking times which you are subconsciously aware will backfire on the day, organising for Christmas also means stocking up and purchasing new pots and pans.

Making sure that you have stocked up enough cranberry sauce and stuffing mix in your cupboard may seem like a priority right now, but you will soon discover early on Christmas morning that purchasing a new roasting pan was far more important.

Planning and purchasing all your equipment earlier on can result in a large amount of weight being lifted when your attention is focused on finishing off the last of the Christmas presents.

So, what are you going to need on for the roast dinner to reduce your workload and lower the amount of stress you endure on Christmas day?

supreme saucepan

New Supreme Saucepans

Treating yourself to a new Supreme saucepans is a great idea when the time comes to cooking those Brussel sprouts and broccoli early Christmas morning, but by treating yourself to a quality saucepan, you can be confident that it will last for years to come.

Regardless of your chosen size, the Supreme saucepans and kitchenware is made from the highest quality stainless steel and aluminium core for an even distribution of the heat. The supreme saucepans is the perfect equipment to have in your kitchen this Christmas, along with being suitable for use on all hob types, the stainless steel Supreme is also oven safe up to temperatures of 230°C. No matter your cooking style or the task at hand, the supreme collection is the ideal tool for you.

GrooveTech Knives

One aspect of Christmas that you need to prepare for and often forget about is the importance of using appropriate knives to prepare and cut the Christmas dinner. GrooveTech knives are a futuristic design with patented air flow technology and grooved blades, helping to create a smoother and sharper cut. Whether you are carving into meat or slicing some butter, the grooves on the knifes’ blade prevents food from sticking and instead will slide off effortlessly.

Changing the future of knives forever, GrooveTech knives will become a required tool in years to come promising a cleaner and healthier cut. The sharpness of the blade prevents injuries from occurring, while the natural non-stick blade is chemical free.        GrooveTech knives

By treating yourself to a new GrooveTech knife this Christmas, you can be confident that you can conquer all challenges that come your way but also have a smooth and stress-free Christmas.

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

For Chefs who choose not to splurge and treat themselves to a new knife for Christmas, purchasing a knife sharpener is the next best option. Allowing you to sharpen your favourite knives so that they are ready for the busy day ahead, owning a knife sharpener is beneficial for the future.

One of the most dangerous tools in the kitchen is a blunt knife, when you use a blunt knife you unconsciously put more force into the cut which can increase the chances of losing control of the knife and consequently cutting yourself. By making sure that your knives remain sharp, you can reduce your chances of injury and have a more enjoyable time in the kitchen.


Chasseur RoasterChasseur Cast Iron Roasting Pan

The workhorse in your kitchen, owning cast iron is rewarding and exciting with all the many options available at your fingertips.

Famous for their long lifespan, cast iron is adaptable and can be used in many ways, if cooking with a cast iron frying pan, you can use it on a range of hob types along with placing into the oven.

With your Chasseur roasting pan, this is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to try one pan cooking this Christmas or are seeking a reliable pan for creating delicious roast dinners in the years to come.

Along with a long durability and a double layer of enamel, using cast iron is exciting and allows you to experiment without worrying about the consequences when the time comes to clean up, as Chasseur is famously easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Dexam Chichester Spiked Carving Dish

Patented back in 1962, the Dexam Chichester carving dish is a piece of history and part of the traditional Christmas dinner that we all love.

Made from Stainless Steel, this carving dish is the perfect toll for serving your roast dinner throughout the year whether it be roast meats or poultry. Chichester Carving dish

This historic design, along with being simple to use is also incredibly easy to clean; with  spikes in the centre of the carving dish to hold the meat firmly in place and an area to collect the excess juices, this dish will look stunning in the centre of your table.


Some dishes that you create not just over Christmas but throughout the rest of the year will need to be measured to the correct temperature before serving.

Whether it is to make sure that the meat has reached the right temperature or to make sure that the lasagne is safe to be served, a thermometer is a trusty tool that should not go forgotten about.

The smallest of the equipment required this Christmas is the Dexam ThermoSpoon, featuring a digital thermometer and a silicone spatula, you can measure the temperature of your dishes while continuing to cook and create your masterpieces.


No matter the equipment you are needing to help create a delicious dinner that the whole family are going to love, by stocking up in advance and making sure that all your equipment is to a safe and high standard, you can be confident of a smooth and stress-free Christmas this year.

Do not wait unit the last minute or worse regret never treating yourself to that new saucepan or carving tray, visit our website for more fantastic and renovating kitchen equipment.