How To Make the Perfect Christmas Roast

One of the essential parts of Christmas day is the time that you and your nearest and dearest sit down together to enjoy an excellent, home-cooked perfect Christmas dinner. The traditional Christmas roast dinner is something we all look forward to, even if we have managed to scoff down three mince pies and enough ‘nibbles’ to feed a small army before midday! However, if the responsibility to serve it falls on your shoulders, it can sometimes feel like more of a chore than a pleasure, and that’s why good organisation and planning will be your best friends well in advance of the day.

Everything you need to know to make the perfect Christmas Roast

Cooking the perfect Christmas dinner is, of course, about sourcing quality ingredients and making sure that you get your roast potatoes lovely and crisp, and your turkey beautifully moist. However, there are also more practical aspects aside from following recipes that can help ensure you serve up a meal to be proud of. So, let’s take a look at some key elements to serving a Christmas roast to remember this year. 

Work out your timings

When it comes to cooking a roast on any day of the week, timing is so important to delivering a perfect Christmas roast, even more so. You’ll have so many additional extras to remember (depending on how much you are prepared to take on of course). Making a list in advance of what needs to go in the oven or on the hob and when, means you can stay on track and time your meal so everything is ready all at once. 

Invest in great tools

Make your life easier by ensuring you have all the tools and gadgets in your kitchen before Christmas day comes around. Invest in a few good quality roasting tins, and make sure you’ve got an accurate measuring jug as well as kitchen scales. A thermometer can be super helpful in telling you when your meat is ready, and tools such as basters, timers, and oven gloves can help make life easier for you when you come to cook your Christmas dinner too.

Add little extras to your perfect christmas roast

Little extras are what make a Christmas dinner even more unique, so think about how you can festively set the table and make creative additions to your meal to ensure that this is one to remember. Kids will love festive straws to drink from, and themed napkin rings, and - a Christmassy table runner can help set the mood and get everyone excited about the big event!

You can’t please everyone

It’s important to remember that whether you’ve been lumped with Christmas dinner or are genuinely excited to cook it, you might not be able to please everyone. It’s more important that you all sit down to enjoy the food together, rather than you pulling your hair out trying to serve up ten different types of potatoes to keep everyone happy. So just focus on getting the essentials right and the rest will fall into place.

Remember what it’s all about

However you choose to celebrate Christmas, there is no denying that it should be a day of joy - of sharing, giving and receiving and being with the people you love the most. What makes a Christmas dinner perfect, therefore, is not so much about ensuring every single element is flawless but instead getting your family and friends in the same room to spend some quality time together that counts!

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