Part of the Community

Here at Dexam, we are privileged to be part of a vibrant community in a beautiful area, and we are aware of our responsibilities as a local company. To help us be effective in this, we have a charitable fund that we have built up over the years to give support to activities and causes, particularly in the area of providing opportunities for young people.

One of the recent challenges we have been able to help out in has been a three year project to support the Petworth Youth Centre financially when central and local government funding was severely pruned during the cutbacks following the financial crisis.

We already knew how important the centre was in the area, but we had little or no idea how much of a lifeline it gave to some truly vulnerable individuals. Closure, which was a very real threat, would have been a blow for the community, but a complete disaster for those who needed the centre the most.

Dexam Trust

Working with the highly committed volunteer team, we provided a substantial injection of cash over a 3 year period, and were able to contribute some management and fund-raising expertise as well. This financial contribution enabled the team to go back out in the community and – successfully  - challenge others to support in the same way. The press gave it good coverage, and many of the local parish councils came on board, too, recognising the importance of the centre to the youth of the outlying villages.

Dexam Trust 2

Happily, the centre is once again thriving. It is serving more young people than ever, and has racked up some remarkable success stories among them.

It’s been good for Dexam, too, and, rather than finish after the 3 years, we are all looking at new ways that we can work together in the coming years.