Pang and Patrick

I took a walk down to the warehouse this morning, as that is where I sometimes exchange morning pleasantries with the Holmbush Estate cat, and I discovered a huge container full of woks and assorted Chinese cooking accessories had arrived and was being unpacked.

Chef Jeremy Pang

Everyone round here is very excited, as we have planning this, and talking about the School of Wok project for months. Our retail customers seem to love it all, and, to my delight, we have been trying recipes out of chef Jeremy Pang’s book ‘Chinese Unchopped’ both in our showroom and at home.

Recipes that go well are one thing, but recipes that go wrong are better in my book, as there is a good chance that they will be surplus to requirements, and end up in my bowl.

The best thing is that it is all going to be on TV next Wednesday, when Jeremy will be showing it off on ‘Ideal World’ at 10 p.m.

It all got me thinking about my own ‘ideal world’, which would really be quite simple. It would involve a sunny room with a sofa, a water bowl, regular food, my Mum and a dog flap out into a garden that had a large number of rabbits and pheasants in it.

Sorry...bad pun! St "Cat"-ricks Day....

Anyway, it’s St Patrick's Day today, and it’s high time I went to catch up with that cat…


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