• Cleaning Chasseur Cast Iron

    A valuable, versatile dish in the kitchen, many cooks may sense a feeling of dread when it comes to first cleaning their new Chasseur cast iron dish. But, cleaning cast iron does not have to be a daunting task! Dexam's How To Clean Cast Iron Guide Large and durable, cleaning your new Chasseur cast iron dish is much easier than you once thought. Famous for its versatility, durability and performan ...

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  • Stir-Up Sunday: Required Tools

    An annual event, be Stir-Up Sunday ready and prepare your kitchen for the yearly event of Christmas Pudding making! Here at Dexam we have a range of vital tools needed for all your festive requirements. With the help of Dexam, you can have one delicious and memorable Christmas that the whole family will love. ...

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  • 10 Must Have Types of Kitchen Knives

    For those wanting to perfect their prep skills and get chopping up a range of delicious dinners, first you must invest in the correct knife. With over 10 different types of kitchen knives available, we will walk you through their differences and why a Santoku is different to a Cleaver. ...

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  • How to dispose of kitchen knives

    Ever wondered what to do when it comes to the task of disposing your kitchen knives? A task that is often not discussed about, not many people are aware of how best to dispose of their knives. Read through our disposal tips here. ...

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  • Top Sausage Tools

    We are a nation of Sausage lovers and what better way to embrace your love of this meaty creation than attempting to master the art of homemade sausages. Get all your required tools needed for one meaty feast here at Dexam! ...

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  • Plastic Pollution Charity 'RAW' in South America

    In this blog Dexam interview the founder of RAW, Melinda Watson to talk about the plastic pollution charity and their new expedition in South America. We explore the goals of the expedition, the aims of the charity and what RAW stands for. ...

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  • Spooky Pumpkin Recipes

    Transform your Halloween and have one delicious evening with our stomach growling pumpkin recipes. When entertaining guests, bring out these spooky recipes created using left over pumpkin flesh and seeds from your afternoon pumpkin carving. ...

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  • Dexam’s Ultimate Guide To Carving Pumpkins

    A seasonal skill, mastering the art of carving pumpkins can be fun and exciting. An opportunity to express your unique flair, while designing a pumpkin that is wacky and memorable, carve the pumpkin correctly and you can turn your creation into a delicious dish. ...

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  • How To Care For Your Beeswax Food Wraps

    Dexam offer a range of eco-friendly Beeswax food wraps. The perfect solution to reduce plastic waste and effectively store your food. Learn how to care and clean your new products with the help of our blog and see your Beeswax food wraps last a year and beyond! ...

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  • 10 minutes with Beeswax: the reusable food wrap

    A new brand at Dexam, we have been super excited to start distributing this forward thinking and ingenious brand. Here to change the way that we prepare and transport food, food can remain fresher for longer with the reusable food wrap alternative. We speak to founder Fran to discuss inspiration, goals and the future. ...

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