• How To Use Chopsticks

    A versatile and traditional Asian utensil, using chopsticks can be a tricky and tiring task. Whether used as a fork, knife, set of tongs, whisk or as a steamer stand in your wok, they are a valued and handy tool. But never been shown how to use chopsticks? A challenge worth learning, when mastering the art of eating with chopsticks, a sense of pride and achievement is often felt. If struggling ...

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  • How to look after your Charles Viancin lids

    Read our guide on how to look after your Charles Viancin lids featuring storage and cleaning tips to keep your BPA- free silicone covers sparkling fresh. ...

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  • Dexam’s top 5 Mother’s Day baking ideas

    Mother’s Day is speedily approaching and if you are anything like us, you will want to truly spoil your mother this Mother’s Day. Whether you choose to spoil your mother with a spa day or with a new teapot that she can treasure for years to come, there is something special and meaningful by taking time to bake a selection of sweet treats. A large Victoria Sponge cake, a sweet Lemon Drizzle ...

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  • The Future Is Wheat Fibre!

    New in at Dexam and that is our 2in1 Wheat Fibre Chopping Board. A biodegradable, natural material, Wheat Fibre is quickly becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. You may be wondering, what exactly is Wheat Fibre and what makes this natural material so special? What is Wheat Fibre made from? Made from natural fibres and tree-based plants, Wheat Fibre is typically made fro ...

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  • Forest and Forge Limited Edition Bog Oak Knife

    A limited edition knife, you may be wondering what is bog oak? A new chef's knife from our award winning Forest and Forge knife collection, here at Dexam we will be selling a limited number of these one of a kind knives. With only 25 available, each knife will retail for £150 each, but what makes these knives so special and why should you invest in our Forest and Forge Bog Oak knives? What is ...

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  • How to hold your own Fondue party

    Remember fondue? A once favourite pastime for friends, nothing says winter that gathering all your nearest and dearest before getting cosy in front of a large pot of melted cheese with a bottle of wine or two. A memory of simpler times, 2018 saw the rise in sales of fondue sets, with diners wanting to replicate those enjoyable, lazy evenings with friends and good food. With all things retro back ...

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  • The truth behind food fads

    The New Year is officially upon us and for all those who have made a New Year’s Resolution to themselves to get healthy, then this blog is for you! Many will take the resolution to lose weight and watch what they eat with such seriousness, going to extreme lengths to look and feel a healthier version of themselves. Whether they choose to read books, believe in new conspiracies or spend all day ...

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  • How to have an environmentally friendly Christmas

    A magical time of the year, when it comes to Christmas, everything is in excess. From too much food, increased energy bills to landfills filled with wrapping paper, Christmas is not for the faint hearted. Not always is bigger better when it comes to celebrating Christmas, instead create memories and attempt to celebrate with lower energy and a smaller carbon footprint. Yet with a few simple tw ...

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  • Cleaning Chasseur Cast Iron

    A valuable, versatile dish in the kitchen, many cooks may sense a feeling of dread when it comes to first cleaning their new Chasseur cast iron dish. But, cleaning cast iron does not have to be a daunting task! Dexam's How To Clean Cast Iron Guide Large and durable, cleaning your new Chasseur cast iron dish is much easier than you once thought. Famous for its versatility, durability and performan ...

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  • Stir-Up Sunday: Required Tools

    An annual event, be Stir-Up Sunday ready and prepare your kitchen for the yearly event of Christmas Pudding making! Here at Dexam we have a range of vital tools needed for all your festive requirements. With the help of Dexam, you can have one delicious and memorable Christmas that the whole family will love. ...

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