• Fight back against plastic waste with the d.stil bottle

    People will soon be able to refill their water bottles in shops, restaurants and businesses across the country as part of a large scheme to combat the growing waste of plastic water bottles in the UK. The scheme is being led by the water industry and aims to prevent the unneeded waste of tens of millions of water bottles every year. A scheme which is well overdue, it is hoped that by allowing ...

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  • Discover Cosagach in time for Burns’ Night

    It feels like forever since we were first introduced to the charming trend of hygge and the many ways that we can improve the overall quality of our lives. This fluffy, warming wellness trend sees the purchase of super soft cashmere socks and warm woolly blankets that we imagine have been hand knitted in the most northern tip of the Icelandic circle. The ideology of spending time in front of t ...

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  • The History of China Town

    To celebrate the approaching Chinese New Year we are fully embracing all things Chinese. Whether that is sitting down with your friends and enjoying a hot mug of Green Tea, or heating up some spicy noodles with Bao dumplings to celebrate the Year of the Dog. To embrace the Chinese culture, we are going to explore the wonderful world of Chinatown. London’s own Chinatown is an exciting escape f ...

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  • The Year of the Dog and what's in store

    Chinese New Year is an exciting holiday that reaches around the globe to give us all an exciting taste of ancient Chinese tradition. This important festival is more than just authentic Chinese cuisine, instead representing the beginning of the Chinese calendar based on the moon cycles of the year. The exact date of the Chinese New Year varies year to year and often falls between 21st January and ...

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  • Get spiralizing this New Year

    Every New Year we promise ourselves that we will work harder to improve one aspect of our lives. Many choose to join and gym and embark on a fad diet that they know that they will never keep, others choose to either save money or give up smoking. For those who have decided to take more care of their inner health, watching what they eat and participating in exercise once again, we have a soluti ...

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  • Add some flavour with infused water

    During the New Year we all aim to be a healthier version of ourselves, whether that be through exercising more, eating healthier or perhaps ditching the alcohol. No matter your methods on creating the best you this New Year, one way that can make you feel more active and full of energy, is through the consumption of drinking plenty of infused water. Stay hydrated with infused water Water is more ...

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  • Avoid the latte levy with the reusable Mighty Mug

    The latte levy is a new levy being considered by the government to be placed onto every takeaway coffee cup in the UK in an attempt to reduce the amount that is thrown away. By placing a 25p levy onto every takeaway coffee cup that is sold, ministers are hoping that along with persuading customers to consider cheaper more greener options, manufacturers of plastic disposable coffee cups will consi ...

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  • Add some heat to your New Year with Chasseur

    2018 if fully upon us and with the Year of the Dog quickly approaching, why not promise to be more courageous and daring this New Year. The New Year is the one time of year when venturing outside the house without layers opf clothing seems improbable, so why not heat up 2018 by being adventurous and adding some spice to your cooking. Using trusty cast iron cookware like our Chasseur range, you ...

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  • Dessert tacos, the latest food trend

    One fresh new food trend of 2018 and one that has become rather addictive; this sweet twist on a Mexican classic is a ton of fun to try out. Start the new year by swapping out your regular black bean and avocado with fruit layers mixed with Nutella for a delightfully guilty taste twist. Here are our top recommendations for inspiration on experiementing with the trending dessert, sweet tacos ...

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  • Settle down for some Fika this New Year

    You have probably kept up with the latest Hygge trends of Danish lifestyle, now it’s time to relax with Fika from Sweden. Heavily covered in home interior, fashion, eating and general lifestyle, Hygge has been very hard to ignore and it was during 2017 that we saw the rise of Lagom and Lykke, Scandi lifestyle trends to improve your overall happiness and general wellbeing. One of the biggest ...

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