• Evolution of Scottish food

    Not knowing much about Scottish food and the cuisine, you may be excused when thinking that Scottish cuisine is only shortbread and haggis. Much more than we once originally thought, Scottish food has evolved and developed over time. Developing more in flavour and taste as time progresses, Scottish food has been influenced by more exotic countries than once thought. Here we will look at how Scot ...

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  • 10 minutes with Goodwood Head Chef, Darron Bunn

    At Dexam we are getting super excited for the second annual Food and Racing festival at Goodwood. If you are lucky enough to be attending this exciting event, make sure to attend the Home - Grown Cooking Demos that are taking part over the weekend. One of those in attendance is the incredibly talented Darron Bunn from Goodwood’s very own restaurant, Farmer, Butcher, Chef. We took 10 minute ...

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  • How to eat healthier without compromising on taste

    We all love the idea of healthy eating but are unsure how this should be followed. It often feels that tasty, mouth-watering food goes hand in hand with high sugar or acidity levels. Balancing the fine line of health and flavour can seem impossible, but we have the solution. At Dexam we believe in the importance of healthy eating while maintaining a delicious diet. Here’s how! Eat more fish! Fu ...

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  • Goodwood Food and Racing Festival

      Being held for the second-year running is the hugely successful Food and Racing Festival. Taking place from the 24th-26th May, this annual event sees race goers and food lovers descend on one of the worlds’ most beautiful race courses for a memorable weekend. Rubbing shoulders at this racecourse only 10 minutes outside of the picturesque Southern city of Chichester, will be local foo ...

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  • Healthy Food Alternatives

    We all want to try to eat a healthier more nutritious diet. Improving the quality of your healthy food seems a good place to start, working to guarantee delicious dinners that the whole family will love. Turning yourself into the next Gordon Ramsey may seem like a challenge, but change your attitude to cooking with these delicious healthy food alternatives. Get indulging once again with these yu ...

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  • What is Cinco de Mayo?

    As you may have noticed at Dexam, we are all about cooking and enjoying Mexican cuisine . Loving nothing more than fresh guacamole or homemade tacos, get the summer started with some added spice. But why are we getting so excited about Mexican cuisine? Is it the approach of the summer, the excitement of long lazy days spent basking in the sun, or perhaps it’s the approach of Cinco de Mayo? ...

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  • Preserve food and reduce food waste with Dexam

    We are all guilty of it, unaware or not, but our actions are resulting in record numbers of food wastage. In the UK every year, we are on average binning over £13 billion pounds worth of waste, this unnecessary amount of waste could have been reused or redistributed to those in need. This alarming amount of food waste accumulates for 7.5 tonnes of waste, waste that authorities say was safe to e ...

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  • Dexam, saving the environment, one order at a time.

    Climate change is all around us, a fact that can no longer be ignored. From saving energy by reducing the amount you boil a kettle, cycling one day instead of driving to reduce your carbon footprint, to making sure that you recycle and reduce the growing number of plastic bags that you have hoarded in cupboards around the house. Making sure that every decision you consciously make has a positive ...

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  • London Pottery, high quality teapots

    Are you an avid tea drinker looking to invest in a teapot that will stand the test of time? There is only one teapot up to the challenge! A teapot that suppresses other teapots in quality, style and affordability. That teapot is the one and only London Pottery! A teapot that goes above and beyond the expectations of a standard teapot. Whether you like your tea loose or rather your tea was bagged ...

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  • How to use kale

    Have you been introduced to kale yet, or perhaps you are already familiar with one another, enjoying delicious smoothies and kale salads? In this blog post, we give you some tips and tricks on how to use kale & the nutritious benefits it can bring to your diet. A popular and ‘trending’ superfood, kale has been on the rise over the last few years. Becoming one of the most heard about veg ...

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