• Preserve food and reduce food waste with Dexam

    We are all guilty of it, unaware or not, but our actions are resulting in record numbers of food wastage. In the UK every year, we are on average binning over £13 billion pounds worth of waste, this unnecessary amount of waste could have been reused or redistributed to those in need. This alarming amount of food waste accumulates for 7.5 tonnes of waste, waste that authorities say was safe to e ...

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  • Dexam, saving the environment, one order at a time.

    Climate change is all around us, a fact that can no longer be ignored. From saving energy by reducing the amount you boil a kettle, cycling one day instead of driving to reduce your carbon footprint, to making sure that you recycle and reduce the growing number of plastic bags that you have hoarded in cupboards around the house. Making sure that every decision you consciously make has a positive ...

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  • London Pottery, high quality teapots

    Are you an avid tea drinker looking to invest in a teapot that will stand the test of time? There is only one teapot up to the challenge! A teapot that suppresses other teapots in quality, style and affordability. That teapot is the one and only London Pottery! A teapot that goes above and beyond the expectations of a standard teapot. Whether you like your tea loose or rather your tea was bagged ...

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  • How to use kale

    Have you been introduced to kale yet, or perhaps you are already familiar with one another, enjoying delicious smoothies and kale salads? In this blog post, we give you some tips and tricks on how to use kale & the nutritious benefits it can bring to your diet. A popular and ‘trending’ superfood, kale has been on the rise over the last few years. Becoming one of the most heard about veg ...

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  • Coffee 101- Understand your coffee

      With the popularity of coffee increasing every day, do you know the true definition of each type of coffee? Often too embarrassed to ask, many of us are unsure of the difference between a flat white and a latte. To shy to ask, let alone pluck up the guts to order a macchiato, worried about what will be received! Dexam is here to remove any worry and uncertainty that you may have when it ...

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  • Be an ethical coffee drinker

    The UK is becoming more and more a coffee loving country every day and slowly out sipping the humble mug of tea. If you were to ask any coffee drinker where their favourite cup of originates from, many will surprisingly not know. For a coffee drinker who prides themselves on a decent cup of fresh ground beans, knowing the location of where they originated from should be paramount. Being confide ...

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  • Dexam Knife Sharpening Clinic

    How to identify a sharp knife You have treated yourself to a collection of bespoke British knives made from up-cycled wood from estates in North Yorkshire. You have also invested in a new electric knife sharpener, allowing you to maintain the condition of your knives. One thing that unsettles you and leaves you unsure when caring for your knives and that is how to tell whether your knives are ...

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  • Health Benefits of Eating Tofu

    With many different important vitamins being contained in tofu, adding this friendly little ingredient to your diet is important in improving your overall health. Known either as tofu or bean curd, tofu comes from soy and is made in a similar way that cheese is made from cows’ milk. A staple ingredient in Asian cuisine, tofu is a versatile product that can be cooked in many ways. Boosting i ...

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  • Rise of meat free food sales

    The increase of meat free food sales is increasing every day and even the most passionate of meat eaters cannot escape the increasing trend of vegetarianism and veganism. The idea of one banishing all animal related products from their diet has in turn seen a rise in meat free food sales. The creation of meat free bacon and dairy free ice cream has been booming to meet food cravings that are n ...

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  • Is there plastic in your tea?

    Reducing the amount of waste that as a nation we create is high on everyone's minds. With landfills overflowing and plastic waste being dumped at sea, we are continuously being reminded of this growing epidemic and rightly so! There are many steps that we can all take to reduce the amount of plastic that we use, while making sure that we continue to recycle products correctly. With other steps ...

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