• That's eggcellent

    The approach to Easter is now on, that time of year where everything involves the consumption of eggs. Hollow chocolate in the shape of an egg, eggs boiled hard and decorated before being rolled down hill to the perfect poached egg served on sourdough with smashed avocado for the ultimate lazy Sunday morning breakfast. No matter how you prefer your eggs, make sure that you cook your eggs just ri ...

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  • History of the Easter Egg

    A symbol to Easter for many from the Western world, but when asked about the true meaning of the chocolate Easter Eggs, many of us and myself included are left speechless. Unsure of what the true meaning holds or the significance of the chocolate egg, this traditional Easter gift is less spiritual than it is greed. Feeling curious over discovering the true meaning, I have decided to get researchin ...

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  • What is matcha green tea

    Many choose to consume it, adding it to their diet as an enhancement to their health and well being, while others are a bit unsure of whether there are any side effects associated with matcha. For those who have not yet heard of matcha, matcha is a form of green tea packed full of antioxidants, making it one of the most powerful caffeinated drinks, packed with EGCg, Vitamin C, selenium, chrom ...

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  • Fresh herbs all year long

    Do you struggle when it comes to caring and looking after fresh herbs? There are hundreds of households out there that have the same problem as you, buying fresh herbs to add to dishes but after the first use, they forget that they have stored them away and fail to use them again. If you have forgotten about the herbs that you have placed into your fridge, you may be unaware of their decreasin ...

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  • The secrets of salt

    We have all heard the warning that eating too much salt is bad for us, yet many choose to continue eating high levels of salt without knowing the true side effects. With salt found in pretty much all foods that we consume, going without eating salt can feel like a challenge. To educate us during National Salt Awareness Week and to transform our opinions by alerting us on the true effects o ...

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  • Benefits of turmeric

    Tumeric has until now been raved and praised for its many health benefits that it brings and the wonderful effects that it can achieve to the appearance of your skin. Many would recommend a mug of turmeric latte to give your skin an instant glow. Along with giving your skin a quick boost, turmeric also contains many health benefits, making you want to consider having a cup of turmeric a day. ...

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  • National Salt Awareness Week

    Salt Awareness week, a week that we are sure you have not heard of until day. Helping to highlight the large amounts of salt that is hiding in our food and to influence us to take more effort in avoiding this is the 19th National Salt Awareness Week taking place from Monday 12th till Sunday 18th March. Focusing not just on individuals and their intake but also on families and making sure that ...

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  • Get on trend this spring with the ultimate teapot

    Every Spring we choose to take the time to evaluate our lifestyles and the objects that we hold dear to us. When spring cleaning this March and you are thinking of making a purchase that you know can improve the quality of your social life and general happiness, let us recommend you into investing in a new ultimate teapot. An ultimate teapot is a perfect accessory to place on the dining room tabl ...

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  • Add some serenity to your home with the pebble collection

    No matter where we are from or your age, as humans we all have that burning desire to create a calmer more tranquil vibe in our home. Take the time to relax at home Creating a soothing and calming environment is important to us. After a long day at work, there is nothing more satisfying than walking into your home, removing your shoes and letting the worries of the day escape you. Our homes ar ...

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  • Brain Health

    With the population of the UK taking time out of their busy lives to enjoy Time For A Cuppa, an event that sees the country get together to enjoy a cup of tea, biscuit and a good natter while supporting Dementia UK. By taking the time out of your ordinary routine to contribute to a good cause while spending time with close friends and relatives, you can help to raise money to support the cause of ...

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