• Be prepared and be BBQ ready with these top tools from Dexam!

    Summer can be symbolised by longer evenings, flip flops and the aroma of chargrilled food! To celebrate National BBQ week and the approach of summer, we have complied a list of top BBQ tools, ideal for making this summer a yummy one. Whether the sun is shining or the heavens have opened, be sure to get the BBQ out, cooking a delicious feast that everyone will remember. For many, being BBQ ready m ...

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  • Have a delicious summer with these key ingredients

    At Dexam we predict that this summer is going to be super delicious! When it comes to cooking, more fresh fruit will be incorporated across all dishes and people will turn to light, refreshing salads. Colour is going to be in abundance with melon and beetroot spicing up the appearance of plates from households to premium restaurants. Get ahead of the food trends and prepare your kitchen for a deli ...

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  • Get floral this Chelsea Flower Show

    An annual event that unites our love of all things floral. Marking the arrival of spring and the approach of summer, thousands of fans and enthusiasts descend on Chelsea to attend this remarkable event. Showcasing model gardens, visitors can come to marvel at the beauty of these pop-up gardens while others may come with a note pad and pen, wanting ideas that they can incorporate in their own garde ...

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  • Get ready for summer

    Make this summer a memorable one. Make sure to spend every opportunity outside in the company of good friends with mountains of delicious, tasty and nutritious food. By preparing and getting ready with summer cookware, you can be ready for whatever excitement and adventure comes your way. At Dexam we have put together a list of what we believe are the ultimate summer cookware essentials. From ...

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  • Food and whiskey, the ultimate pairings

    Are you a lover of Whiskey?  When indulging and pouring yourself a much deserved glass of whiskey, partner and pair with dishes that can complement the deep and subtle flavours perfectly! At Dexam we will be recommending a range of different dishes to complement your whiskey, while teaching you the basics when partnering whiskey and food. No matter your choice of tipple, or whether you prefer a ...

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  • Price of vanilla reaches an all-time high!

    Have you heard about vanilla? For all those that have yet to hear the disastrous news, the price is due to shoot up. Doubling in price, vanilla could no longer feature as a staple on restaurant menus or be as affordable when purchasing from ice cream shops across the country. Vanilla instead will become a luxury, a sweet treat for those wanting to splurge and indulge themselves. A classic flavo ...

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  • Dexam, supporting the Chichester Food Bank

    At Dexam we work hard to support the local community. One organisation that we support and that is an important pillorstone in the community and that is the Chichester Foodbank. A reliable source of food for families struggling to afford much needed ingredients, the number of households using foodbanks has increased in recent years. ...

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  • Evolution of Scottish food

    Not knowing much about Scottish food and the cuisine, you may be excused when thinking that Scottish cuisine is only shortbread and haggis. Much more than we once originally thought, Scottish food has evolved and developed over time. Developing more in flavour and taste as time progresses, Scottish food has been influenced by more exotic countries than once thought. Here we will look at how Scot ...

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  • 10 minutes with Goodwood Head Chef, Darron Bunn

    At Dexam we are getting super excited for the second annual Food and Racing festival at Goodwood. If you are lucky enough to be attending this exciting event, make sure to attend the Home - Grown Cooking Demos that are taking part over the weekend. One of those in attendance is the incredibly talented Darron Bunn from Goodwood’s very own restaurant, Farmer, Butcher, Chef. We took 10 minute ...

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  • How to eat healthier without compromising on taste

    We all love the idea of healthy eating but are unsure how this should be followed. It often feels that tasty, mouth-watering food goes hand in hand with high sugar or acidity levels. Balancing the fine line of health and flavour can seem impossible, but we have the solution. At Dexam we believe in the importance of healthy eating while maintaining a delicious diet. Here’s how! Eat more fish! Fu ...

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