Microwave Mug Cakes

microwave cakes 3

The discovery of microwavable desserts are nothing new, but the shocking revelation of microwave made cakes are something that seems to shock everyone. A treat made with only a few ingredients, this shocking development aims to take all the hard work and time that goes into creating this sweet treat that we all enjoy with a mug of tea. Taking only a few minutes to create and a minute in a microwave, a microwave cake is far from the fluffy and light version that we have all come to love. Whether it be missing the essential ingredient of love, the slow attentive creation and the gradual rising in the oven, the microwave version is a botch job that has a far too spongy texture, resembling the tool that we used to scrub the burnt flour off our mug while we experimented.

If you are wondering, how bad can microwave cake really be? Well let us enlighten you and educate you on the disaster that is microwave cakes.

Some of you may be wondering, how did it turn into such a mess, well for those brave and curious individuals, we offer you the opportunity to try our tried and tested recipe and get making this concoction in the comfort of your own home. It may seem like a genius ideal, adding all the ingredients to a small dish, the perfect size for a cake for one, we wish it turned out as we had hoped!

microwave mug making recipe

Leaving your kitchen smelling of cake, here is our disaster of a recipe making an alternative microwave chocolate brownie in a mug.


  • 2 tablespoons of melted butter
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Sprinkle of salt
  • 2 tablespoons of white sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 4 tablespoons of flour


  • Take your chosen mug, add the water, butter, salt and vanilla before stirring with a mini whisk.
  • Once you have stirred all the ingredients, whisk in the cocoa powder, before whisking in the sugar and flour.
  • When all the ingredients have been mixed together, place the mug into a microwave and microwave on a high heat for 60 seconds.

This recipe when followed created a chocolate coloured sponge that oddly enough smelt like fresh chocolate brownie, shame we cannot say the same about the taste! Why anyone would take the time to compose a recipe allowing people to create dessert mug for one, when with a bit more time and more ingredients, they can cook a whole chocolate brownie that was just as enjoyable to eat as it was to bake. This experiment has taught us that there are no cheats, no hacks in the kitchen, if you want to create a delicious dish, don’t cut corners but enjoy the process and get baking. If a cake takes only a few seconds in the microwave to cook in comparison to 20 minutes in the oven, it should be noted that there is a key element that is missing when made in a mug in the microwave, love!

When cooking take the time to add a bit of love to your dish, noting the power and the flavours that each ingredient adds to the dish, helping to create the final flavours that you will enjoy later with family and loved ones.

Cooking is a skill, a skill that can forever be honed and expanded and perfected, even the most skilled of chefs are forever learning, improving their techniques and introducing themselves to new flavours and textures, don’t lose your skill and take it for granted by wasting your time attempting a microwave mug cake.

If you are wanting to treat the family to a yummy chocolate brownie that you can be confident tastes as good as it looks, take a look at our gooey chocolate brownie recipe.