Making the perfect pancake has just got easier

For some families, making pancakes is an annual tradition that takes place every year on Pancake day.

If, however your family is like ours, making a pancake is a weekly ritual where we experiment, adding different fillings to create a memorable, mouth-watering treat.


Making the mixture can seem like hard work, discovering that you are missing some vital ingredient half way through whisking the batter, but it is worth the effort. Or perhaps you decide to purchase a pre-made mixture taking out the unnecessary worry of having added enough flour and going without one less egg than advised. No matter your method of making the perfect pancake, the biggest difficulty when creating this French dessert is making sure that the crepe is cooked to a satisfactory standard.

That is where the Chasseur cast iron crepe pan comes into focus.

A trusted tool in the kitchen, cast iron is renowned for being practical, durable and with a lifetime guarantee, you can be confident that your new crepe pan will never fail you.

Cast iron is made of a strong material, perfect for withstanding high temperatures and suitable to being used in either the oven or on the hob. The Chasseur cast iron crepe pan has a natural non-stick coating, perfect for flipping those pancakes or for creating an even layer for filling with a squash, goat’s cheese and rosemary stuffing.

When it comes to cooking crepes, there are so many options for you to follow. Instead of always sticking to the banana and vanilla pancakes for dessert, why not try something different and go for a savoury crepe for lunch.

tomato and mushroom crepe

With so many fantastic recipes, the idea of a tomato and mushroom pancake gets our taste buds salivating.

For those who regularly find themselves holding an impromptu dinner party and are thinking of something unusual for dessert to serve their guests, why not try a freshening rhubarb and vanilla crème fraiche pancake to wow your diners.

Choosing a new crepe pan may seem like a tricky task for pancake lovers around the country, but for anyone who enjoys cooking and appreciates a delicious meal, there really is only one winner.

Whether you prepare a savoury or a sweet crepe, the Chasseur cast iron crepe and pancake pan is the ideal tool for you to get your imagination whirling and try out those secret recipes you have always dreamed of creating.