Make Christmas a handmade affair

Coming up with interesting and thoughtful gifts every year for family and friends is never easy. The popular trend of gift making has been bubbling under the surface for many years, but for those wanting to give people they care about the ultimate, personalised gift this year, making your own gifts can be fun and meaningful.

Receiving handmade gifts from friends feels like a personal touch, a gift that they have spent months planning and perfecting. Instead of going out and fighting your way through the crowds of shoppers all frantically trying to find the ideal present for those close to them, instead take the time to think of something meaningful that they will truly appreciate.

With your time now spent creating a meaningful handmade gift, this rediscovery of the traditional present giving is ideal for those who find themselves panic shopping on Christmas Eve. If you are unsure and worried about what to give family and friends this year for Christmas, we have some wonderful and tasty ideas.

There are many options of things to create and give, but our top tip on creating something people will enjoy is to make something delicious and tasty that they cannot wait to tuck into.

Christmas Gingerbread Men


A gift idea for the children in your family to try making together for a relative. Whether you are helping them to bake for their grandparents or aunts and uncles, these fun and festive gingerbread men will get the thumbs up from everyone.

Simple to create and using few ingredients, this fun Christmas treat is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon together as a family.


Jam and Marmalade

A popular choice to give is either jam, marmalade or chutney, due to its simplicity and its ease to make.

Why not try your hand at making a sweet date jam; perfect for those who love their dates, this gift is a delicious treat for someone who deserves to be spoilt.

By coarsely chopping 100 grams of dates, with vanilla extract, apple juice and cinnamon, transfer into a large saucepan and leave to boil before pouring into sterilised jars.


Infused vodkas

A top gift for someone who enjoys their tipple and likes to get into the festive spirit. Creating infused vodkas can be fun to make.

Infused Vodka can be created with a mixture of fruits, so you have the option of personalising the gift by choosing a flavour you are confident that they are going to love.

For people wanting to reduce the food stored in their freezer, this is a fantastic opportunity to use up those blackberries harvested in autumn or go festive, adding cinnamon, figs and cranberries.

Using either 80 or 100 proof vodka, opting for a cheaper make is ideal in allowing the flavours from the fruit to take control.

The ratio to use when creating infused vodkas is 2 cups of chopped fruit to 3 cups of vodka, left to infuse for 5 days.

Homemade Turkish Delight

Sweet and tempting, family and friends will love the thought and time that has gone into creating these soft homemade Turkish Delights.

Personalise each batch of Turkish Delight to the intended participant. For those friends who enjoy a mojito or two, create the adult-only Mojito Turkish Delight made with the super sweet mojito syrup.


Sloe gin

There is something quite mystical about sloe gin, yet so many people who choose to harvest sloe berries at the end of autumn never get the opportunity to create the sloe gin itself.

If you are guilty of never achieving this goal, make it a mission this year to create sloe gin for someone close to you.

By soaking the sloe berries in warm water to hydrate, pierce the skin of the berries before leaving to soak in gin for 9 weeks.

A relatively easy gift to create; cross gin making off your list of things to achieve this winter.

Cocktail truffle set

We all know someone that loves their booze and enjoys experimenting with different flavours, so why not consider creating a cocktail truffle collection that they can tuck into.

Creating flavours favoured by the receiver, you can create martini, cosmopolitan or even minty mojito tones.

There are many easy and straightforward recipes to follow and flavours to suit everybody no matter their preference.


Whether you are contemplating making a gift for family and friends this year, our suggested homemade gifts are a great starting point to get you thinking of what you would like to make.

From trying something new or finally getting around to creating sloe gin as you have always intended too, do something different and bring the whole family together with a handmade Christmas this year.