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Are you an avid tea drinker looking to invest in a teapot that will stand the test of time? There is only one teapot up to the challenge! A teapot that suppresses other teapots in quality, style and affordability. That teapot is the one and only London Pottery! A teapot that goes above and beyond the expectations of a standard teapot. Whether you like your tea loose or rather your tea was bagged?

At Dexam we have been selling London Pottery teapots for over 12 years since 2006 and during that time our range that we sell has expanded dramatically. Customers from all around the world come to Dexam to buy from our London Pottery ranges. From the fantastic Globe, Farmhouse, Pebble to the super sleek oval teapots. Expanding all the time, matching mugs have been created to accompany our most popular teapots.

Founded by ceramic designer, David Birch who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry of ceramic design and pottery supply. After attending the Royal College of Art before working with the Poole Pottery and the Fulham Pottery company, David built up a valuable amount of experience.  Using his experience, every teapot has been designed to the highest standard. London Pottery has enlisted the help of a Far East quality control team, that works hard to ensure that every teapot created is to the highest standard. They also have been employed to check every single item that leaves the factory is to the highest quality.

One aspect of a London pottery teapot that steps it apart from the rest of the industry, is its drip free spouts. Designed to the highest specification, every teapot has been tested thoroughly to the toughest inspections. This has all been done for one reason, and that is customer satisfaction. There is nothing as satisfying as enjoying a hot, strong brewed pot of tea that doesn’t drip tea from its spout.

With the quirkier designs of teapots, designer David Birch has added a novel touch. With the Pebble and Oval teapots, David has designed a removable filter for drinkers of loose lea tea. By adding the loose-leaf tea into the removeable filter, you can remove the tea once the desired strength has been achieved. David has gone one step further with the design for the Oval teapot. When removing the filter from the teapot, instead of placing the filter onto the surface of your table, instead place it onto the removable filter tray. With a removable filter tray sitting underneath the lid on top of the filter, you can create the tea you desire without any mess.

No matter the style of teapot you choose, the designers and David at London Pottery have put much thought and love into the creation of these popular teapots. Made to the highest standard with the finest glazed stoneware, every teapot is a magnificence to behold. In a range of colours and different designs, there is a teapot for everyone. As they are made to the highest standard and with the tea drinker in mind, the designers have thought of everything. Why spend time washing your teapot, when you should be spending your precious time enjoying your pot of tea! All teapots are dishwasher safe, a design feature for your convenience only.

There is no doubt about it, London Pottery has set itself up as leader in the teapot industry, not just in the UK, but across the whole globe. No matter which style of teapot that you choose, you can remain confident in a teapot designed with you in mind. Created to the highest standards, these teapots have become a leading figure in the tea industry.Catalogue Photoshoot Dex 2015 058- london pottery teapots

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