Lighten the load this Christmas with Chef’n

Christmas can be a stressful time, with so much preparation and cooking to complete, you can often feel out of control.

Every year we promise ourselves that this Christmas will be different and that we will create less demands for ourselves, allowing us to fully enjoy the holiday with our family.

At Dexam we have found a way for you to have that ultimate Christmas that you have always wanted but with half the work required.

By using tools from the Chef’n collection, you can have the Christmas dinner that you and your family will forever remember, while allowing you to spend more time enjoying the day and create memories with the family.

If you do not know what Chef’n is, it is a company that strive to make cooking easier and to create tools that allow you to make tastier, more delicious meals than you were previously able to.


With many famous and innovative inventions, one of the most well-known is the flexicado. Helping chefs across the country to naturally remove and slice the avocado with the use of its plastic or steel teeth.

Twist’n sprout, this is one item we are confident that you will place into your shopping basket. Helping to make Christmas easier, no one should be without their Chef’n twist’n sprout this year. By placing the Brussel sprout onto the blade, you will pierce the stem and remove the core for even cooking all over. This handy little tool is invaluable when it comes to preparing lunch for the whole family and gives you more time to spend with the family unwrapping presents in front of the Christmas tree.

Chef’n GarlicZoom XL Garlice chopper, this tool is perfect for those chefs who struggle to chop or crush their garlic cloves. By placing the garlic clove into the handy chopper, run the wheel across the worktop and the chopper does the rest for you, finely chopped garlic without the hard work.

The palm peeler is your saviour when it comes to helping with all that peeling that is required to create the ultimate Christmas dinner. From the potatoes, carrots to parsnips, this fun and practical hand peeler makes preparing the vegetables light work.

cauliflower preparation tool

Lighten the load with the stalkchop cauliflower prep tool, ideal for preparing cauliflower and broccoli. The Stalkchop separates the florets from the stalk in practically no time at all, helping to speed up the preparation of the broccoli and cauliflower.

Chef’n Dual PepperBall, is on your side with no more frantic searching the kitchen for the missing salt mill.

Do you ever find yourself searching high and low for the missing salt or pepper mill to discover that it was hidden at the back of the cupboards or sitting brazenly in the centre of the dining room table? Those days are a thing of the past with the Chef’n Dual Pepperball, a handy tool that holds both pepper and salt together, you can be confident that you will never lose your seasoning again.

These handy tools are all vital in helping to ensure that you have a stress free and relaxing Christmas. Chef’n have more fantastic tools to help speed up the preparation and reduce the amount of work that goes into creating the ultimate Christmas dinner. You can see the whole Chef'n collection on our website .brussell