Kitchen Storage: How to keep your kitchen organised with Dexam’s Scion Living range

Scion Living Kitchen Storage

The hub of the home. When it comes to your kitchen, your kitchen goes through a lot! 

From the rushed morning breakfast to the afternoon dinners and the weekend baking, it can often feel like a challenge to keep it clean. Finding the correct solution for a tidy kitchen that is also a stylish kitchen can be hard work. Yet, with the help of Scion Kitchen storage, you too can have an organised, yet colourful and bold kitchen, a kitchen that you will enjoy spending time in.

Part of the fun and forward-thinking Scion Living range, you can keep food fresh and protected inside kitchen storage items, such as our Scion Living cake tins, bread bins and utensil pots. 

Made from either powdered coated steel or aluminium tinplate, each addition to our kitchen storage range is bold, bright and fun and features the lovable, popular Mr Fox print.

We will take a look at each of the new additions to the kitchen storage collection and inspire you to add some Scion magic to your kitchen this summer.

4 New Scion Living Products for Kitchen Storage

1. Utensil Jar

Fun and handy, when it comes to storing all your essential kitchen accessories and keeping them at a useful distance, look no further than this utensil pot! Perfectly sized, this utensil pot has an all over multi Mr Fox print and is ideal for tidying up your counters.

2. Storage Jars

Two must-have additions in your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a new pot to store your tea and coffee in or keep your biscuits fresh, we recommend using these fun storage jars. With two different designs available we are sure that you will find the perfect match for your kitchen. One has a multicoloured print, and the other has a large Mr Fox design - each jar comes with an airtight bamboo lid. 

3. Bread Tin

Do you struggle to keep your bread fresh? Or perhaps you find that your counters are often covered in crumbs? Keep your kitchen counters tidy with the large Mr Fox Bread Bin. Not only is it super stylish it is also versatile. Flip the bamboo lid over of the bread bin and use it as a chopping board!

4. Cake Tins

Attending a party or baking a birthday cake? Present and store your cake inside these set of 3 fun cake tins. Whether shop bought or homemade, cake, treats and biscuits can all stay fresh inside these 3 different size cake tins. Perfectly stacked inside one another, cut down on kitchen storage space with this fun set of 3 tins featuring the much-loved kitchen storage organiser Mr Fox!

Why Dexam’s Scion Living range?

What makes our Scion Living range so special, is that no matter the interior to your kitchen, you can be confident that Mr Fox will feel right at home. Whether traditional farmhouse or modern and sleek, Mr Fox adds a ray of much needed colour while making meal times that little bit more enjoyable for the whole family.

If you like the look of our Mr Fox kitchen storage range or want to take a peek at the whole collection, head over to our website to view Scion Living.

Keep an eye out! We are launching our fantastic new Scion Living kitchen storage products, featured above, such as the cake tins, bread tins, utensil jars and storage jars. Coming soon to the Dexam website!