• How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife

    Are you wondering how to effectively sharpen a serrated knife at home? Unsure which tools you’ll need to get the job done? Here at Dexam, our experts have put together this step-by-step guide on how to sharpen a serrated knife blade effectively, maximising the lifespan of your tools. Why Should You Be Sharpening Your Knives? In order to feel confident in the kitchen, it’s important to not o ...

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  • How to use a knife sharpener

    When you are trying to prepare a delicious meal in the kitchen, it can be frustrating and annoying to find that all your knives have dull blades. This can make chopping, slicing and dicing more time consuming and difficult. Having a manual or electric knife sharpener to hand can quickly fix this problem. Therefore it is important to have a knife sharpener handy but it is even more important to kno ...

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  • How is stainless steel made and used in your Dexam products?

    Why is stainless steel the material of choice for kitchen fixtures and appliances? Find out more how stainless steel is made and used in your Dexam products ...

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  • Forest and Forge Limited Edition Bog Oak Knife

    A limited edition knife, you may be wondering what is bog oak? A new chef's knife from our award winning Forest and Forge knife collection, here at Dexam we will be selling a limited number of these one of a kind knives. With only 25 available, each knife will retail for £150 each, but what makes these knives so special and why should you invest in our Forest and Forge Bog Oak knives? What is ...

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  • 10 Must Have Types of Kitchen Knives

    For those wanting to perfect their prep skills and get chopping up a range of delicious dinners, first you must invest in the correct knife. With over 10 different types of kitchen knives available, we will walk you through their differences and why a Santoku is different to a Cleaver. ...

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  • How to dispose of old kitchen knives

    Ever wondered what to do when it comes to the task of disposing your kitchen knives? A task that is often not discussed about, not many people are aware of how best to dispose of their knives. Read through our disposal tips here. ...

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  • Forest and Forge, Superior British Made Knives

    For those not quite satisfied in their level of cooking or wanting to improve their skills when cooking in the kitchen, consider a new set of quality knives. At Dexam we are all about quality, durability and performance and a brand of knives that we swear by is Forest and Forge. ...

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  • Dexam Knife Sharpening Clinic

    How to identify a sharp knife You have treated yourself to a collection of bespoke British knives made from up-cycled wood from estates in North Yorkshire. You have also invested in a new electric knife sharpener, allowing you to maintain the condition of your knives. One thing that unsettles you and leaves you unsure when caring for your knives and that is how to tell whether your knives are ...

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  • Choosing the right knife for you

    Unless you’re a professional chef who knows exactly what they are doing in the kitchen and goes to bed at night dreaming about which spices they will mix to create a legendary taste, choosing which knife is best suited to your style of cooking can seem a hard task. You may spend hours trolling the internet, reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, but you will still be left feeling unsure w ...

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  • Are you ready for GrooveTech?

    No matter whether you are a professional chef or an enthusiast who enjoys spending their Sunday afternoon cooking up an unforgettable meal for their family; one thing that all cooks require, is the correct tools. If like us, you want the latest tools and gadgets for your kitchen, we have a range that meets the criteria but also leads the way in the future of knife technology. With Christmas ar ...

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