Is there plastic in your tea?

loose leaf teapot

Reducing the amount of waste that as a nation we create is high on everyone's minds. With landfills overflowing and plastic waste being dumped at sea, we are continuously being reminded of this growing epidemic and rightly so! There are many steps that we can all take to reduce the amount of plastic that we use, while making sure that we continue to recycle products correctly. With other steps available to reduce our personal use of plastic, some of these steps are a little less obvious than others.

One thing that we never thought we would be asking, but how Eco-friendly is your cup of tea? Plastic is everywhere, wrapped around the fruit that we love, lids on the takeaway coffee cup that we purchase every morning, but more shockingly is in our teabags. For many of us tea drinkers, we have remained unaware that the teabag that we favour and use day in and day out has been sealed with plastic polypropylene, sealing the bag and allowing it to retain its shape.

With much energy being placed on the reduction of plastic that we the consumers purchase every year, there is a solution, allowing us to all enjoy our favourite mug of tea without the worry of the added plastic to our personal waste.

Go loose leaf

Drinking loose leaf is no longer a hassle and can be an enjoyable experience made achievable for all tea drinkers with the access to affordable filtered teapots. With all flavours available in a loose-leaf format, from Assam, Green Tea to your favourite Yorkshire and PG Loose Leaf Tea, there really is no excuse to buy bagged tea ever again.

Buy pyramid shaped teabags

A ‘greener’ more environmentally friendly version of teabags, the Japanese shaped pyramid teabags are a more Eco-conscious choice of teabags as they are made from 100% biodegradable corn starch, for easier waste control. Although more pricey than the ordinary teabag, until further research and production has been achieved, we all need to do our bit to tackle this large problem.

Such a large problem that plastic in teabags is, the food supplier Co-op has decided to join in on the efforts to work to tackle this problem, this it hopes to achieve by launching its own brand of plastic free teabags at the later part of this year. With a shocking 165 million mugs of tea drunk everyday across the whole of the UK, tackling this problem face on is an important task, essential in reducing the overall levels of plastic that we are all unwittingly contributing towards. By other suppliers joining forces to create Eco-friendly teabags, missing those toxic polypropylene properties, we can all reduce the amount of plastic that we dispose and work towards tackling the problem of plastic waste with more drive and oomph!

If you are wanting to do your bit for the environment but the thought of cutting tea out of your diet seems like hard work, at Dexam we have the solution of you. Using a teapot with a filter, you can brew delicious loose-leaf tea, a more flavourful and environmentally friendly version of your favourite style of tea.

Needing a new teapot? From teapots with filters to teapots without filters, at Dexam we have a huge range of teapots in all shapes and colours, allowing you to express your personal style and character.