How To Use A Jelly Strainer

A key tool for jam and jelly enthusiasts, for many the thought of using a jelly strainer can be a daunting and unsure time. An essential tool, this humble strainer is able to improve and smoothen your mixture, turning a jam into a fruity jelly. Discover how you too can use one and transform the way you make homemade jelly forever.

What is a jelly strainer?

For those considering using a jelly strainer for the first time, what is a jelly strainer and how too can you use this simple too? An essential piece of item, if you are wanting homemade jelly, the jelly strainer is able to separate the fruit from the deliciously sweet juice, essential in making homemade jelly. By ladling your prepared fruit along with the juice into the straining bag and allowing to slowly drip into a large preserving pan, the pulpy lumps of fruit will be left behind in the bag for a smoother, pip free jelly. This straining of fruit can take anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight.

How can you turn your juice into jelly?

Before you begin to strain your jelly, start by preparing your fruit. In your preserving pan or large saucepan, add water to your fruit before gently heating. When the fruit has begun to break down and is releasing its natural juices, this should take around 10 to 15 minutes, remove the pan from the heat. With the use of your jelly strainer, ladle both the fruit and juices into your strainer that has been propped above a large pan. With the now filtered juice, place the juice into a preserving pan before adding sugar and placing onto a medium heat to reboil, reducing the heat until the jelly hits setting point and gels into jelly, this is around 104°C. If you are a jam fan who finds themselves eating around the fruit lumps, then making homemade jelly to strain over your morning toast is a recommended idea.

What is the difference between jam and jelly?

Now that we have explained how you too can use a jelly strainer, you can be excused from questioning, what is the difference between jam and jelly? Jam can be defined by containing fruit and will typically have lumps of fruit, jelly on the other hand is smooth and lump free as it is created with the juice of the fruit. Made with both fruit and sugar and created to have a natural jelly, for those wanting a smoother experience, using a jelly strainer is recommended.

Where can you get a jelly strainer from?

If we have tempted you into making homemade jelly or trying to make a pip free alternative to your favourite jam, all you need now is to purchase one for yourself. But where can you purchase a jelly strainer from? You will be pleased to note that here at Dexam, you can purchase a jelly strainer, as well as additional reusable jelly bags. A tall jelly strainer that can be placed onto your preserving pan, this one comes with an jelly bag that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Want to start making jelly for yourself?

You’ve been inspired to purchase a jelly strainer and now you want to attempt homemade jelly made from your favourite fruit. If you are looking for a recipe to try, we have got two top recipes that you will want to attempt when practising your jelly making skills. Whether you prefer the pale and refreshing, spiced apple jelly or want to attempt our redcurrant and mint jelly, get jelly making this summer with Dexam!

If we have inspired you to take a leap of faith and attempt jelly making for the first time or perhaps we have ignited your passion and inspired you to rediscover your love of jam making, get preserving this summer with Dexam. With a selection of products and recipes on hand, you will be amazed by the flavours that are experienced when making homemade jelly for the first time.