How to sharpen kitchen knives

No matter whether you are a professional chef sweating away in a busy kitchen or an enthusiast at home who enjoys cooking delicious and hearty meals that all the family will love;  one thing that everyone who cooks has in common is the need to re-sharpen their blunt knives.

For those who care and are passionate about the performance and quality of their knives, choosing a sharpener with diamond abrasives is a must for ultra-crisp cuts.

How do you know that a diamond hone knife sharpener is ideal for you?


Busy and forever on the go, juggling work and home life? Or perhaps you work in a busy kitchen with non-stop, hectic services that prevent you from using your diamond honing steel? At Dexam we have the answer for chefs across the country and that is the portable, quick and effective diamond hone knife sharper.

Regardless of whether you prefer to use a Japanese knife or your knives to be made from British wood or Sheffield Steel, we have the answer to sharpening your knives. At Dexam, our Chef’sChoice 1520 can help to sharpen and polish all styles of knives. If you love your knives and hate the thought of the  blade becoming  blunt and chopping has become a tough task, use this handy tool.

Stay safe, use sharp knives

Sharpening your knives is important not just for performance, but also for personal safety.

You may not be aware, but blunt knives are the most dangerous tools to have in the kitchen. With a dull knife, you will put more force into the press of your cut, increasing your chances of losing control and injuring yourself. If your knives have become dull, do not put off the task of sharpening them, instead put your personal safety first and sharpen them today.

For cooks who prefer to use the diamond honing steel or a water stone, they will often admit that when it comes to sharpening their smaller knives, they turn to an electric diamond hone knife sharpener. Quicker and safer when sharpening smaller knives, you can be confident that you are not going to slice your finger or take off a chunk of skin and at the end, your knives are super sharp!

Untitled19If you are considering purchasing yourself a diamond hone knife sharper, on our website we have a fantastic range of table top and electric sharpeners, as well as the much trusted Chef’sChoice 1520.