One Pan Cooking with your French cast iron cookware

It’s Sunday morning and as you force yourself out from under the warm, comfort of your haven, the duvet, there is only one thing on your mind. No matter if you are one who prefers to treat themselves during the week or you wait until Sunday morning to spoil yourself; for much of the nation Sunday equals a full English breakfast and a one pan cooking.

chasseur cast iron frying pan

There are some people out there who prefer to dine out for their weekly fry-up, paying for the luxury of being waited-on and banishing the dreaded worry of the inevitable washing up.

If, however, you are like us, there is something quite special about waking up refreshed after a much needed lay in to discover that a full English is being made in the kitchen.

With lazy mornings comes the art of lazy cooking and what a delightful way to cook.

When you and your family are next gathered into the kitchen in your pyjamas squabbling over which ingredients to add into your Sunday treat, take a second to make the decision of which pan you wish to trust this important job.

An invaluable tool in the kitchen and a feature that is more than just good looks, your cast iron pan should not be overlooked when it comes to cooking your full English.

If you own a cast iron frying or grill pan, be sure to bring them out this weekend and try the trend of throwing all the ingredients into the same pan.

One Pan Breakfast Cooking Explained

One pan breakfast cooking is a fantastic way to cut the amount of washing up, yet the biggest breakthrough in this new method of cooking is the full intensity of the final flavours.

As you brown the sausages in the pan, adding the mushrooms and bacon, the released juices will all mix creating an energetic favour, exciting every one of your taste buds.

One pan breakfast cooking takes skill and timing is a must; by the time your sausages and bacon have cooked to the golden crispy shade that we all love, you should be considering cracking your eggs.

For those who dislike the dreaded tomato, then do not fear, instead of pushing it to the furthest corners of your plate, swap it for some baked beans that you can mount on top of your toast.

I know the thought of cooking your whole breakfast together may seem a little odd to take in, but before judging the idea wait until the early hours of Sunday morning to give this method a go. You never know, while you rub the sleepy dust out from the corners of your eyes and wait for the caffeine fix from your fresh cup of coffee to kick in, you might just find this new style of cooking revolutionary.

For those who are wanting an adventure this weekend or trying a French twist on the British classic, all you need is either a Chasseur enamelled matt black frying pan or the cast iron grill pan, both ideal for savouring every second of this weekend ritual.