How to hold your own Fondue party

Remember fondue? A once favourite pastime for friends, nothing says winter that gathering all your nearest and dearest before getting cosy in front of a large pot of melted cheese with a bottle of wine or two.

A memory of simpler times, 2018 saw the rise in sales of fondue sets, with diners wanting to replicate those enjoyable, lazy evenings with friends and good food.

With all things retro back in fashion, we explain how you too can have a fantastic fondue party to rival those from years gone by.

Super easy to create, the options when it comes to fondue are endless. With three main types of fondue, the first decision would be to choose whether to melt cheese, chocolate or create a meaty feast.

Quick to create, when preparing your fondue party, many of the elements can be prepared before your guests arrive. If cooking with cheese, slice and prepare the meat, bread and fruit before hand, waiting until just before dining to begin to melt the cheese.

Use a tablecloth. Whether you choose an easy clean cloth or a disposable paper cloth, covering your table is a top choice for reducing any mess.

Prepare your fondue pots. placing them in the centre of your table for your gooey feast. With one fondue pot accommodating up to 6 dippers, add more fondue pots to the table when entertaining more guests or serving  more than one type of fondue.

Music. A welcomed addition to any dinner party, we recommend playing Swiss music to transport you and your guests to the snow dusted Swiss Alps.

Light a fire. Welcoming and warming guests, add ambience to your party and light a log fire. If a log fire is not possible, dot candles around your dining room before dimming the lights to create a relaxing and soothing environment.

Serve side plates. Depending how close and intimidate you are with your guests, we recommend serving side plates for people to place their dunked ingredients on before eating with a dinner fork.

Picking the right beverage. A fondue party is an occasion to be enjoyed and choosing the right beverages is a must. Serving beers and ciders is a fail-safe option, while fondues with meat are best accompanied with a full-bodied wine such as a Merlot or a Bordeaux.

Enjoy. By preparing the ingredients, pot and table before guests arrive, you can enjoy and fully immerse yourself in your fondue party.



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