How to dispose of old kitchen knives

Dexam's guide to dispose of old kitchen knives

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How to dispose of old kitchen knives

Ever wondered what to do when it comes to the task of how to dispose of  your old kitchen knives? A task that is often not discussed about, not many people are aware of how best to dispose of their old kitchen knives.

If you are a cook left unsure of how best to recycle or dispose of their once beloved knives, we have the answer and the options are surprisingly easier than you once thought!

Whether you are binning a paring, utility of your favourite santoku, we have a method for safe and reliable disposing of your kitchen knives, as well as a collection of superior Sheffield Steel Knives to get excited about!

Disposing of your old kitchen knife

If your knife is beyond repair or you are determined to throw your knife away and be rid of it for good, then you will be pleased to know that you can safely dispose of your knife in the bin. We recommend placing your knife in a box or wrapping in bubble wrap for safety.

Recycling your kitchen knives

At Dexam, we believe in the importance in recycling and up-cycling products, see our superior and extravagant Forest and Forge range. For those wanting to recycle their knife, we recommend taking their knife down to their local recycling centre to see if they accept metal. If your local recycling centre accepts knives, we recommend wrapping in cling film for added safety.

Contact a professional knife sharpener

You may find that there is a local professional knife sharpener close to you who may be interested in purchasing your old knife. This knife sharpener may restore and revamp your old kitchen knife before reselling, giving it a new lease of life. The best place to discover if there is one new you, is to check the internet.

Donating your kitchen knives

You may be looking to dispose of your old knife due to investing in a new set of quality professional knives, if this is the case, then you should consider donating your knives. Whether giving them to a friend, family or taking them along to a charity shop, there are many local businesses and individuals who will appreciate a knife.

Scrap your knives blade

To scrap your knife for the metal, first you must know what metal your knife is made out of, depending on the metal, you may be able to scrap the metal for cash. Look online for local scrap dealers around you who would be interested in buying the metal.

Take your kitchen knife to the police

One way that you can dispose of your old kitchen knives and that is by dropping them off with the police. Many cooks around the country feel that leaving their old kitchen knives with the police is a safe way to be confident that their old knives have not fallen into the hands of any dangerous or unsafe individuals, allowing the authorities to correctly dispose of their kitchen knives.


Recycling kitchen knives

Start recycling kitchen knives today

Hopefully we have been able to answer any worries that you have had when it comes to disposing of your kitchen knives. With many options available, we recommend always trying to restore and recycle your kitchen knife for a lower carbon footprint. Perhaps you have just disposed of your kitchen knives and are wanting to invest in a new collection, if so visit our website for a selection premium kitchen knives including:,