How to clean baking trays and oven dishes

Admit it, they are never the most beautiful thing in your kitchen- those much-used and much-loved trays and dishes that are hidden away from view most of the time. They look old before their time, and always look like are starting their days work a little grubbier than they should be.

Here’s some ideas for you. If the dish or tray has just been used to heat up, say, something simple like scones or croissants, then it should just be a question of wiping away the crumbs with a kitchen towel, and then leaving to soak in soapy water for ten minutes before wiping (if it is non stick) or scouring (if it isn’t), and then drying carefully before leaving in a warm dry place until next time.

The worst of the worst, in this respect, is to be found in the burned edges of a delicious lasagne, or the charred bits of crumble that remained when the dish got put back in the oven and then forgotten. Worse even than this would be something like my personal favourite- sausages baked in a honey marinade- (well, I am a beekeeper, as well).

Faced with this, start by wiping away anything that will go easily, just with a kitchen towel. Then put a cup of baking soda into some really hot water, and leave the pan to soak in it for up to an hour. If that doesn’t work, do it again, but just add sea salt to the mixture, and make sure that the pan is fully immersed in the water. Some people add a third ingredient (vinegar) but it really shouldn’t be necessary. This process will really loosen off the ‘stuck’ bits. Once they are loose, sponge or scour the dish (according to its surface) until it is clean, and then dry carefully.

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