• Scion Living, Improving Your Dining Experience

    An important part of the day, many of us overlook the importance of sitting down together with the family to enjoy a humble meal. With our Scion Living collection, you can add some fun and charisma to your dining table, motivating uninterested teenagers to participate in this daily family activity. Bringing together the family and allowing you to catch up on the antics experienced throughout th ...

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  • Turkeys aren’t just for Christmas: How to use a turkey baster

    We all know how important it is to cook a perfectly succulent, delicious turkey as the centrepiece for a family Christmas dinner, and that makes the unassuming turkey baster that’s been long forgotten at the back of your utensils drawer, suddenly the star of the show. Read our tips on how best to use a turkey baster. ...

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  • Dexam’s must-haves for the perfect Sunday Roast

    Here at Dexam, we love a Sunday Roast. Celebrating the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week, cook up a mighty feast for family and friends. A treat not to be missed, when it comes to cooking the ultimate Sunday Roast, the key is to be prepared. By stocking your kitchen with the required tools and gadgets, you can cook with confidence and spend more time catching up with family ove ...

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  • How to make your own gravy

    An essential part of your roast and the finishing touch to your Sunday feast, when it comes to gravy, nothing beats homemade gravy. Although pre-made options may be convenient, there is no comparison between that and the real thing. Healthier, tastier and surprisingly easy to make, making a homemade gravy should be considered for your next roast dinner. Using our Supreme Stainless-Steel roastin ...

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  • How To Use Chopsticks

    A versatile and traditional Asian utensil, using chopsticks can be a tricky and tiring task. Whether used as a fork, knife, set of tongs, whisk or as a steamer stand in your wok, they are a valued and handy tool. But never been shown how to use chopsticks? A challenge worth learning, when mastering the art of eating with chopsticks, a sense of pride and achievement is often felt. If struggling ...

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  • How to look after your Charles Viancin lids

    Read our guide on how to look after your Charles Viancin lids featuring storage and cleaning tips to keep your BPA- free silicone covers sparkling fresh. ...

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  • The Future Is Wheat Fibre!

    New in at Dexam and that is our 2in1 Wheat Fibre Chopping Board. A biodegradable, natural material, Wheat Fibre is quickly becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. You may be wondering, what exactly is Wheat Fibre and what makes this natural material so special? What is Wheat Fibre made from? Made from natural fibres and tree-based plants, Wheat Fibre is typically made fro ...

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  • Top Sausage Tools

    We are a nation of Sausage lovers and what better way to embrace your love of this meaty creation than attempting to master the art of homemade sausages. Get all your required tools needed for one meaty feast here at Dexam! ...

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  • Cooking hacks that everyone should know…

    Become inventive and creative in the kitchen and change your approach to preparing and storing ingredients forever and use Dexam's fun and effective cooking hack solutions. ...

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  • Top Tools for Student Kitchen Essentials

    Off to university? Between lessons, socialising and studying, finding the time to cook wholesome and nutritious meals can be difficult. With these genius student kitchen essential tools available at Dexam, you can continue to eat and enjoy dishes that you love without sacrificing on precious time. ...

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