• How to throw the best Independence Day party

    Whether you are an American patriot or enjoy a good celebration, celebrate Independence Day this July 4th with our top ideas. By organising an al fresco party and chilling the bottle of Prosecco, have a spectacular day and evening by creating memories with family and friends. We have compiled a list of the top tools and exciting recipes for you to use when organising a cracking party! Ice Buc ...

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  • How to Make Jam: The Art of Making Jam

    One of the most special times of the year, summer is more than just longer daylight hours and a higher Celsius on the thermometer. No, for many, summer symbolises the start of the jam season and for others it is about learning how to make jam! Whether you prefer strawberry jam to your homegrown rhubarb jam, there is no limitations when it comes to making jam. What can be appear intimidating, once ...

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  • Summer Solstice 2019 is here: 5 things to know about the longest day of the year

    How we long for summer, yet with a blink of the eye, the summer season can rapidly speed past without a second thought. Approaching on the 21st June is the Summer Solstice. Marking the official arrival of the longest day of the year, we explain why this day is celebrated. And here we have 5 interesting facts about this yearly event that we are confident that you will not have known until today! ...

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  • How to use a griddle pan perfectly every time

    Become a master in how to use a griddle pan with Dexam We all know how fantastic outdoor cooking can be, and nothing quite beats the taste of grilled meat, fish, or vegetables on a BBQ. However, let’s face it, the British weather can be at best unpredictable, at worst pretty much disastrous. So instead of huddling under a raincoat trying desperately to light those charcoals, instead why not inv ...

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  • Baking The Perfect Cookies With Dexam!

    Baking Cookies Has Never Been Simpler Is there anything more comforting and delightful than the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through your kitchen? No? We didn’t think so! Baking cookies can be a fun and rewarding activity for you and all the family too. You can keep things quick and simple and whip up a batch in less than 30 minutes, or you can experiment with recipes, ingredients an ...

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  • Follow Our Tips On Alternatives To Cling Film

    A taboo word in the kitchen, cling film has become a product that many of us conscious cooks do not want to be associated with. A once handy product, there was little that you would not wrap with clingfilm! However, times are changing and trends have developed and this plastic, single-use product is no longer a product of choice. So are there alternatives to cling film? Whether you prefer to wr ...

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  • British Sandwich Week 2019: Which sandwich filling is best?

    Are you ready for British Sandwich Week? Taking place from the 19th-26th May, this week-long event has been designed for you to celebrate,and appreciate all that is the humble sandwich! From a quick desk lunch to a sandwich when on the go, a sandwich is a top British go to option for those wanting a fail-safe lunch to remove pesky hunger pangs. A nationwide debate, British Sandwich Week has high ...

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  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these 5 food traditions

    An annual event, join us here at Dexam and celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Partnered with a large pitcher of margarita, your favourite sombrero, get cooking this May 5th with our top traditional recipes. ...

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  • How To Use A Mortar And Pestle

    You have spotted them in your local high-street kitchenware shop or have seen them used on your favourite cooking show but still you wonder how to use a mortar and pestle. Surprisingly simple to use, once you start using this traditional tool, you will never look back, using it time and time again when cooking countless delicious dishes. So how do you use one? Let us educate you and get you co ...

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  • How To Keep Cheese Fresh At Home

    How to keep cheese fresh? From cheddar, mozzarella to Stilton, no matter your preference of cheese or how strong your love of this dairy substance is, there is a challenge that many cheese lovers will all face. Difficult to store, the strong odour of cheese can taint many other ingredients in the fridge. Along with leaving a lasting pong, cheese can be a tricky and tiring ingredient to store. Go ...

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