• Healthy eating. Dexam teams up with Macmillan!

    Fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support Healthy eating is one of the main driving forces behind our product development here at Dexam, so we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support who currently fund around 170 dietitians across the UK. Two members of our team have undergone successful treatment for breast cancer in the last few years, so we know fi ...

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  • The Life Of Pie (and Competition!)

    It's British Pie Week in the UK, so at Dexam we're encouraging everyone to go and experiment on their best effort. After all, there's nothing quite like a pie to show off your basic skills, and nothing quite like a pie to keep the chilly March winds off you. Pies have been around since Egyptian times, even further back, perhaps. It is thought that the initial meat pies were really just vehicle ...

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  • Going Ape for Monkeys

    Everyone at our head office in Midhurst is on about monkeys at the moment. Something about this year being the Year of the Monkey in China. Personally, I much prefer the idea of Rabbits, and would be quite happy if every year was the Year of the Rabbit. Or the mole. Or the pheasant. Or the Industrial Estate Cat. Monkeys live in trees, which is not helpful if you are equipped with 4 paws. Apparent ...

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  • Get something right the first time and it will probably outlive us all

    A few years ago, we were honoured to receive an industry 'Icon' award for our spiked Carving Dish, a product that is now well into its 6th decade of life and remains unchanged since the day we began making it. The story is worth telling. The brothers who set up Dexam had a long association with a local landowner. Two of them had been flatmates while studying accountancy in London. As farming be ...

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  • How does a great product actually come about?

    Some people just buy a product, use it, and never think about it again. It is sufficient to them to know that it actually works. But the rest of us – let’s call us ‘industrial romantics’ - ache to know how a great product sees the light of day, and this blog is for them. Take our Classic British Biscuit Cutters, for example. The idea was born 4 years ago on a half-completed Chinese ...

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