• Dessert tacos, the latest food trend

    One fresh new food trend of 2018 and one that has become rather addictive; this sweet twist on a Mexican classic is a ton of fun to try out. Start the new year by swapping out your regular black bean and avocado with fruit layers mixed with Nutella for a delightfully guilty taste twist. Here are our top recommendations for inspiration on experiementing with the trending dessert, sweet tacos ...

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  • Settle down for some Fika this New Year

    You have probably kept up with the latest Hygge trends of Danish lifestyle, now it’s time to relax with Fika from Sweden. Heavily covered in home interior, fashion, eating and general lifestyle, Hygge has been very hard to ignore and it was during 2017 that we saw the rise of Lagom and Lykke, Scandi lifestyle trends to improve your overall happiness and general wellbeing. One of the biggest ...

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  • Embrace Hygge this New Year

    Even the most reclusive and trend oblivious have been influenced by the hugely important trend from Denmark over the past couple of years. Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-guh’ is a lifestyle trend that values the importance of remaining comfortable and taking the time to appreciate the smaller things. Whether that be spending quality time with friends and loved ones or enjoying the moment and snuggl ...

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  • Detox with tea this New Year

    We have previously raved about a selection of delicious and warming tea punches to get you into the festive spirit, yet with the New Year firmly upon us, the time to detox after over indulging is now. While many will choose to join the gym paying for a membership that they will hardly use, we are recommending an easy and more enjoyable way to cleanse your body. Some people may debate the need ...

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  • Get ahead and be on trend this New Year

    Food trends are never for the faint hearted, with different palates opting for different flavours. While one persons’ favourite flavour may in fact be your marmite, something you loathe. Food trends may appear and fade depending on the seasons, the predicted trends of 2018 are set to create a healthier and happier you. With mushrooms and tacos featuring a pleasant appearance in the trends of ...

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  • Have you heard about the Mighty Mug?

    A phenomenon that we are sure that you have already heard of, the magical mighty mug. There are many mighty and great things in this wonderful world of ours, the Great Wall of China and the mighty Mighty mug, a true wonder of the world. For those who are unaware and have no idea about the mightiness of the Mighty Mug, we plan to amaze you in this blog and convince you into the cult that this n ...

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  • The Marrakesh collection for the wanderlust traveller

    Do you ever find yourself drifting in and out from a continual daydream where you are transported back to the balmy beaches of Bali or playing Indiana Jones in the temples of Angkor Wot? Perhaps you’re a traveller who prefers a chic, vogue city where they can sit back and sip their Spritz whilst looking across at the Colosseum in Rome or are enticed by the loud, dusty souks of Marrakesh. For ...

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  • Eat well for a healthier you this winter

    Taking care of your health is important particularly in the winter months where we are prone to the catching the cold or worse, the flu. Along with taking vitamins, exercising and eating in moderation, one important way to ensure that you remain healthy this winter is by eating a healthy diet. Eating a healthy and varied diet is essential in maintaining a healthy gut and research has shown tha ...

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  • Get the whole family cooking with Scion Living

    Christmas is the one time of the year where the whole family gets together to create a memorable day, jolly or not. During the holiday, it may feel like getting everybody to help out with the festivities is an impossible task, with the children wanting to stay curled up on the sofa in front of the television. Next time you are huddled in the kitchen slaving away over the Christmas dinner and ...

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  • Want to improve your health? Start with mushrooms

    Once a highly kept secret, the positive health effects of eating mushrooms are now becoming apparent. Previously seen as being just tasty, increasing experiments are discovering that a diet with high levels of fungi can result in anti-ageing benefits and a reduced chance of dementia.   Is it true, can mushrooms really be magic and slow down signs of ageing? It may feel like every other ...

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