Healthy Food Alternatives

We all want to try to eat a healthier more nutritious diet. Improving the quality of your healthy food seems a good place to start, working to guarantee delicious dinners that the whole family will love. Turning yourself into the next Gordon Ramsey may seem like a challenge, but change your attitude to cooking with these delicious healthy food alternatives. Get indulging once again with these yummy healthy food substitutions.


Go gluten free

We are not saying that we want you to give up all gluten based products, but make a change once a week. By having a wheat free day, you can appreciate and enjoy these starchy products properly. By either swapping black beans for flour or Quinoa for couscous, treat your body to a bit of down time. With the increase of gluten free products expanding all the time, there is no need to go without and you can enjoy the food that you love while looking and caring for your health.

Reduce your sugar intake

By making a few swaps and reducing your sugar intake, you can have delicious dinners without the worry of a high sugar diet and the effects on your body. By choosing natural products or adding slices of citrus fruit to fizzy or sparkling drinks, you can enjoy the same luxuries that you did before. If you like to add sugar to your coffee, why not swap and sweeten it up with vanilla extract or swap juice for ice tea. There are many swaps you can make, allowing you to feast like kings, without effecting your health.

Use less salt

A diet high in salt, can have a disastrous effect on your health. There are many changes that could be made to your diet, allowing you to reduce your salt levels. Whether you are replacing salt with herbs or ground garlic power to making homemade sauces and salad dressing instead of purchasing shop brought dressing. By making these simple swaps you can reduce not just your salt but also your sodium intake.

By swapping ingredients with a healthier substitute, you can care for your health while eating well. Planning your weeks’ dinner schedule or feeling snackish!? We have put together a healthier ingredient swap, allowing you to eat better and feel healthier at the same time!

healthier food alternatives

For more information on how to eat a healthier and more delicious dinners, head over to our website to see our recipes. From shunning toast, opting instead for a sweet potato toast that you can layer with avocado, to adding turmeric to your latte for a sweet flavouring. Swapping ingredients can be fun and an adventure, with the discovery of unknown flavours.