• Detox with tea this New Year

    We have previously raved about a selection of delicious and warming tea punches to get you into the festive spirit, yet with the New Year firmly upon us, the time to detox after over indulging is now. While many will choose to join the gym paying for a membership that they will hardly use, we are recommending an easy and more enjoyable way to cleanse your body. Some people may debate the need ...

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  • Have a steamer Christmas with the Supreme range

    When cooking up the Christmas dinner there is much preparation that goes into the finished masterpiece. With many pots and pans used to steam, roast and boil various vegetables, finding an easier and time saving method to create the annual Christmas day dinner seems like a blessing. There is much stress and panic during the cooking of the Christmas dinner, is the broccoli cooked? Why are the Br ...

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  • Eat well for a healthier you this winter

    Taking care of your health is important particularly in the winter months where we are prone to the catching the cold or worse, the flu. Along with taking vitamins, exercising and eating in moderation, one important way to ensure that you remain healthy this winter is by eating a healthy diet. Eating a healthy and varied diet is essential in maintaining a healthy gut and research has shown tha ...

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  • Want to improve your health? Start with mushrooms

    Once a highly kept secret, the positive health effects of eating mushrooms are now becoming apparent. Previously seen as being just tasty, increasing experiments are discovering that a diet with high levels of fungi can result in anti-ageing benefits and a reduced chance of dementia.   Is it true, can mushrooms really be magic and slow down signs of ageing? It may feel like every other ...

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