• 6 Revolutionary Products for Student Cooking

    With late nights and occasional excess, it is vitally important that students eat well and get their full five-a-day! With looming deadlines, pupils should switch their Doner Kebabs and Dominos for healthier alternatives, safe in the knowledge that sometimes the better you eat, the cheaper it is. And with our very own student cooking guide we’ll fill you in on the top student kitchen essential ...

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  • The truth behind food fads

    The New Year is officially upon us and for all those who have made a New Year’s Resolution to themselves to get healthy, then this blog is for you! Many will take the resolution to lose weight and watch what they eat with such seriousness, going to extreme lengths to look and feel a healthier version of themselves. Whether they choose to read books, believe in new conspiracies or spend all day ...

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  • Get Summer Ready With Our Healthy Eating Tools

    Healthy Eating Tools To Inspire You This Summer Get summer ready and start eating healthily with our superb range of cooking tools available at Dexam. For those who prefer to eat something more substantial than a salad, with the right tools you can create a delicious dinner that is as healthy as it tastes amazing! Eating healthier is not just the ingredients that you eat, but also the way in whi ...

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  • Have a delicious summer with these key ingredients

    At Dexam we predict that this summer is going to be super delicious! When it comes to cooking, more fresh fruit will be incorporated across all dishes and people will turn to light, refreshing salads. Colour is going to be in abundance with melon and beetroot spicing up the appearance of plates from households to premium restaurants. Get ahead of the food trends and prepare your kitchen for a deli ...

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  • Get ready for summer

    Make this summer a memorable one. Make sure to spend every opportunity outside in the company of good friends with mountains of delicious, tasty and nutritious food. By preparing and getting ready with summer cookware, you can be ready for whatever excitement and adventure comes your way. At Dexam we have put together a list of what we believe are the ultimate summer cookware essentials. From ...

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  • How to eat healthier without compromising on taste

    We all love the idea of healthy eating but are unsure how this should be followed. It often feels that tasty, mouth-watering food goes hand in hand with high sugar or acidity levels. Balancing the fine line of health and flavour can seem impossible, but we have the solution. At Dexam we believe in the importance of healthy eating while maintaining a delicious diet. Here’s how! Eat more fish! Fu ...

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  • Healthy Food Alternatives

    We all want to try to eat a healthier more nutritious diet. Improving the quality of your healthy food seems a good place to start, working to guarantee delicious dinners that the whole family will love. Turning yourself into the next Gordon Ramsey may seem like a challenge, but change your attitude to cooking with these delicious healthy food alternatives. Get indulging once again with these yu ...

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  • How to use kale

    Have you been introduced to kale yet, or perhaps you are already familiar with one another, enjoying delicious smoothies and kale salads? In this blog post, we give you some tips and tricks on how to use kale & the nutritious benefits it can bring to your diet. A popular and ‘trending’ superfood, kale has been on the rise over the last few years. Becoming one of the most heard about veg ...

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  • Health Benefits of Eating Tofu

    With many different important vitamins being contained in tofu, adding this friendly little ingredient to your diet is important in improving your overall health. Known either as tofu or bean curd, tofu comes from soy and is made in a similar way that cheese is made from cows’ milk. A staple ingredient in Asian cuisine, tofu is a versatile product that can be cooked in many ways. Boosting i ...

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  • Rise of meat free food sales

    The increase of meat free food sales is increasing every day and even the most passionate of meat eaters cannot escape the increasing trend of vegetarianism and veganism. The idea of one banishing all animal related products from their diet has in turn seen a rise in meat free food sales. The creation of meat free bacon and dairy free ice cream has been booming to meet food cravings that are n ...

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