Health Benefits of Eating Tofu

tofu chunks

With many different important vitamins being contained in tofu, adding this friendly little ingredient to your diet is important in improving your overall health. Known either as tofu or bean curd, tofu comes from soy and is made in a similar way that cheese is made from cows’ milk. A staple ingredient in Asian cuisine, tofu is a versatile product that can be cooked in many ways.

Boosting in popularity, eating tofu still for some will seem rather off putting and a worst-case scenario. Tofu is a food choice not just for hippies making their way across the well-trodden backpacker’s path in South-East Asia, but vegans, vegetarians and the health conscious across the world are all turning to this versatile food for taste and a source of important vitamins. But what is so important about tofu and what benefits can consuming it have to your diet.

Whichever way that you choose to cook your tofu, opting for frying or steamed, tofu is a fantastic source of protein and contains all essential amino acids along with important iron and calcium. Stuffed full of iron and calcium, tofu has also been found to contain manganese, selenium and phosphorous along with important copper, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B1. If you are unsure of whether to start incorporating tofu into your diet, the nutritional and health benefits outweigh any fears. For those who are particularly worried about encountering generic heart disease that could prove fatal, soy beans that tofu is made from, have been thought to contain some form of protection against cancer and heart disease.

Research has also found that by adding tofu to your diet, it can help to lower your overall cholesterol level, manage your weight and for women going through their menopause, tofu can reduce the symptoms that you experience.

There are not many tasty foods that can hugely benefit your overall health, yet tofu seems to be the perfect choice for those wanting to take extra care of their health. From keeping your body running to its optimum standard, reducing your chances of heart disease to improving those vital nutrient levels, you can continue to function and run to your best capability possible.

If you are wanting to get eating more tofu and are unsure of where to start, let us give you some inspiration on how to start incorporating tofu into your diet.

From turning tofu into a yummy Cajun Taco for lunch, soaked in a Miso Soup or blended with your favourite fruits to create a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie.

If you are needing some healthy dinner ideas to get you excited to start eating tofu, look at our fantastic selection of inspirational recipes.