Health benefits of avocado

It’s a popular and treasured food choice for many around the globe, from Mexico to Australia. Yet the whole truth on the benefits that eating avocado can create is not fully known, until now!

A super foodMexican avocado that originates in Mexico, this green delicious fruit is so much more than guacamole.

A classified member of the flowering family of plants Lauraceae, this popular treat grows on trees back in Mexico.

Full of healthy fat, for lovers of avocados it is recommended that one avocado a day might do wonders for our health. Containing monounsaturated fat, the avocado contains many fatty acids, helping to lower cholesterol and boost our overall heart health.

Along with helping to reduce your cholesterol levels and improve your overall heart health, what other benefits are linked to eating avocado?


This small fruit is unbelievable with its high levels of nutrient value, so much so that it has been branded a superfood.

Containing many nutrients and around 20 different vitamins and minerals, while you tuck into your favourite smashed avocado or dip into a bowl of guacamole, you can be absorbing Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Potassium to name a few.

No matter what your opinion may be of avocado, it is stuffed full of healthy fat, fibre and vital nutrients.


Research has been conducted that has found that people are not getting enough potassium in their diet. Often people turn to a banana for a quick dose of potassium, however the avocado has much higher levels, helping to restore and maintain your health.

Without potassium in your diet your body will have a harder chance of fighting off heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.


Another important nutrient that can be found in your favourite green fruit is the important nutrient of fibre. Fibre is an important part in helping to reduce blood sugar levels, helping to lose weight and fighting off many diseases.

Soluble fibre is one form of fibre that is important in feeding the healthy gut bacteria found in the intestine, feeding this bacteria is important in the functioning of healthy body.


Increased health benefits

Studies have been conducted that have examined the dietary habits of people who eat avocado. Research has found that people who regularly eat avocados are in general healthier in comparison to those who did not eat avocados.

People who consume avocados have a much higher nutrient intake and were at a lower rate of developing heart disease or diabetes.

It was also found that people who frequently ate avocados tended to weigh less and had a lower BMI along with a higher rate of good cholesterol in their system.

If you are wanting a quick health boost and are wanting to take care of your health, start by upping your avocado intake.


Avocados are full of important antioxidants that can protect your body’s health. Of the antioxidants that are contained in this wonderful little fruit, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are important in helping to improve the health of the eye. People who regularly eat avocados are at a much lower risk of developing cataracts.

Of all the antioxidants that are contained in an avocado, the avocado itself can help to improve the overall amount that antioxidants from other food are absorbed into the body.

It’s delicious

Along with being a super healthy, super food, avocado is also incredibly delicious and is one of the main reasons many of us religiously choose to incorporate it into our diet.

The options of what you can create with avocado is endless. From making a yummy smashed avocado with feta on sourdough for breakfast  to adding Nutella and create a sweet avocado and Nutella mousse for dessert.

Full of important nutrients, key in keeping your body healthy and running to its full capacity, why not jump on the avocado band wagon and see the effects for yourself.

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