Have you heard about the Mighty Mug?

Mighty Mug

A phenomenon that we are sure that you have already heard of, the magical mighty mug.

There are many mighty and great things in this wonderful world of ours, the Great Wall of China and the mighty Mighty mug, a true wonder of the world.

For those who are unaware and have no idea about the mightiness of the Mighty Mug, we plan to amaze you in this blog and convince you into the cult that this no spill mug has created.

An American designed mug with patented SmartGrip technology, the design that has gone into creating this incredible travel mug will blow your mind.

Developed by a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, the Mighty Mug will grip onto any flat, smooth surface and can withstand any accidental bumps or knocks.

No more spilling your coffee onto your laptop or losing the whole content of your mug, the Mighty mug although unable to be knocked over can be effortlessly lifted.

So how exactly does the Mighty mug not fall over?

The highly designed mug with its patented SmartGrip technology, has been designed in the form of a vacuum

By placing the mug onto a flat surface, a small amount of air will get trapped inside the grooves of the mug, when you pick up the mug, you release the trapped air and free it from the surface.

The trapped air that is formed when you place the mug onto the surface locks the mug in place and stops any potential accidents from occurring.

Along with containing revolutionary SmartGrip and vacuum technology, the Mighty mug is insulated and comes with a leak proof lid, meaning no more spills and can keep your hot drink hot and cold drink colder for longer.

At Dexam what we love the most about this fun and practical travel mug, is its ability to withstand all environments and we can be confident that you can live a leak free life from now on.

To take advantage of these brilliant little travel mugs, at Dexam we have the solo mug that is 320ml and the go travel mug that is 470ml in a range of fun and fashionable colours.