Have a steamer Christmas with the Supreme range

When cooking up the Christmas dinner there is much preparation that goes into the finished masterpiece. With many pots and pans used to steam, roast and boil various vegetables, finding an easier and time saving method to create the annual Christmas day dinner seems like a blessing.


There is much stress and panic during the cooking of the Christmas dinner, is the broccoli cooked? Why are the Brussel sprouts taking so long? And the potatoes are still hard.  Don’t accept the traditional Christmas day stress that rears its ugly head every year, instead opt for a more relaxed and stress-free Christmas. With the help of the Supreme 3 tier steamer set, you can reduce your total workload and have a healthier and more flavourful Christmas dinner.

The Dexam supreme 3 tier stainless steel steamer set is made from quality, thick stainless steel with an aluminium base which has been designed to heat up more quickly and spread the heat more evenly.

With a deep-set lid, any heat that has developed inside the steel set, remains trapped for a more effective steaming environment.

When you choose to start steaming your vegetables, you are choosing to start cooking healthier, as by steaming your vegetables you are allowing the vegetables to keep all their natural vitamins which are often lost when cooking.

By steaming food, whether you choose to use low or high pressure, the pressure of the indirect contact with the steam will along with retaining the nutritional value of the food and preserving the fibre, colour, texture and flavour of the vegetables will also retain the necessary B & C vitamins.

Along with those vital vitamins, any potassium, phosphorus, antioxidants and zinc will also be retained. Steaming has also been found to reduce the chances of cancer as it preserves those vital compounds found in many vegetables that are designed to fight this illness and can lower your cholesterol through the lack of oil needed when cooking.

So what can you steam? As well being able to steam cook vegetables, chicken and fish are top ingredients to steam cook. By steaming the meat instead of frying and grilling it , you remove any fat from the meat which can reduce the calorie count and lower cholesterol all at the same time.

With a lifetime guarantee, when steaming you are using as little energy as possible and trapping all those vital nutrients that are important in maintaining the flavour. It has often been debated whether steaming is better than boiling; after using your new Dexam steamer this Christmas to cook all the vegetables on top of each other, you can be confident of a relaxed steaming experience

With a 2-litre capacity, this 3-tier set with its 2 steamer layers will be your most trusted assistant in the kitchen.

For more information or to bag yourself a bargain and get steaming this winter, have a look at our website for more information about this quality stainless steel steamer set.