Have a delicious summer with these key ingredients

At Dexam we predict that this summer is going to be super delicious! When it comes to cooking, more fresh fruit will be incorporated across all dishes and people will turn to light, refreshing salads. Colour is going to be in abundance with melon and beetroot spicing up the appearance of plates from households to premium restaurants. Get ahead of the food trends and prepare your kitchen for a delicious summer!


From watermelons, honeydrew to cantaloupe, these juicy and refreshing ingredients can be added to a range of meals. From being blended into a smoothie, added to a salad or even wrapped with Parma ham; melon layered with feta and toasted almonds makes for an exciting lunch that you can look forward to!


When the weather turns hotter, the mere thought of hot food can seem off putting. Embrace the longer evenings and indulge in a light and refreshing salad for dinner instead.  Eating a mixture of rocket and basil leaves, top with vegetables of your choice and either a yogurt dressing or opt for olive oil, drizzled on top.



Our love of international cuisines is developing day by day and with that comes the expansion of options made available to us. On the rise and an ingredient that we expect to see on supermarket shelves shortly, is beetroot hummus. Serve with tortilla triangles or bread sticks and you have a yummy moreish snack.

Israeli Couscous

Already familiar with couscous, an ingredient we add alongside our salad or served with our slow cooked tagine, the popularity of Israeli Couscous is on the rise. Larger in size than ordinary couscous, add Israeli Couscous to your favourite vegetables and serve in its own right as an alternative salad!


We are seeing purple! One ingredient we expect you to be eating a lot of this summer and that is beetroot. Whether added to hummus, turned into falafel and served in a warm wrap, or used to create a delicious frittata. The options are endless when to comes to choosing how to cook beetroot!

Going green

beetroot and walnut salad

For those wanting to have a delicious summer, why not make it a healthy one? By adding superfoods to your meals, you can incorporate all those antioxidants and important vitamins that your body needs to function to its best capability. From kale, salmon, sweet potatoes to avocados, adding these simple ingredients to dishes, you can load up on all vital vitamins, helping you to make the most out of the summer months.

For all those wanting to have a delicious summer, there are some vital tools that you will require to get cooking up a feast in the kitchen. From the Chef’n Melon Tool, to our non-stick Muffin Trays, ideal for making delicious mini frittatas. Wanting to improve the appearance and add some different textures to your salads this summer? With the Dexam Spiralizer, you can get noodling a large range of vegetables, ideal for those wanting to create fun courgette noodles.

Head over to our website to take a full look at all the kitchen tools that we offer, allowing you to improve the quality and flavour of your dishes!