Give a unique gift to the tea lover in your life, a new teapot

Why give a gift that the receiver will eventually grow tired of or worse never use? If the person you are buying for loves their tea and enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with friends and loved ones while sipping on a warm mug of Earl Grey, we have the answer for you.

Treat those that you are buying for too a new teapot, that they can treasure for years to come and create many new memories with.

At Dexam we have a large range of London Pottery teapots in all shapes, styles and colours, so not matter the colour or vibe of their kitchen we have a teapot suited to their own individual style.

So whether you are buying a gift for a friend this Christmas or are wanting to spoil yourself and purchase a new and trending teapot for the upcoming year, this guide on the top 5 teapots is for you.

hen teapot

Hen Teapot

This fun and adorable teapot is perfectly suited in a quaint farmhouse kitchen or placed in the centre of the dining table during Sunday breakfast. This 4-cup filter teapot can brew loose tea along with tea in a bag and with a drip free designed spout, there will be no more spills with this trusty teapot. What we love so much about this teapot is the playfulness and character that it possesses, this teapot is most suited at breakfast while tucking into some delicious poached eggs on toast.

oval teapot

Oval Teapot

We are head over heels in love with the oval designed teapot. Coming in a range of cute colours, this teapot has been designed purposely for the fashionable and trendy tea drinker. Whether you are a trend setter or like to be in style no matter what you are doing, this 3 cup stackable and spill free teapot is perfect for drinking loose tea and comes with its own drip tray. Whether you are after a rhubarb pink, bright blue or satin white, the hardest decision you will have is choosing which colour.


pebble teapot

Pebble Teapot

Being at one with nature is incredibly important in our spiritual well being, here at Dexam we are forever finding ways to bring the outside in for a calmer and more relaxed home. Inspired by pebbles on worn beaches, the pebble collection is a fantastic edition to our home for a calmer us. The ideal gift for the nature lover or the friend who can always be found strolling along the beach no matter the weather, the pebble collection can help to bring calmness into your home.


white teapot

Classic White

Sometimes in life being calm and cool is incredibly important in a healthier more balanced you. Instead of going out and buying the brightest teapot you can find, a simple white classic teapot can bring elegance and demure into your kitchen. While the colour white for some means mess, for us it shows class, style and braveness as you are willing to stand out and announce to the world ‘I Love my Tea!!’


red teapot

Vibrant Red

Nothing says bravery more than a vibrant and feisty red teapot. Images of bulls, flamenco and passion spring to mind when looking at the red 2 cup filter teapot from London Pottery. Ideal for the solo tea drinker or the caffeine lover who likes to display and show off their collection instead of hiding it in the depths of their cupboards. This trusty red teapot is also ideal for the true tea drinker, the person who is not afraid for people to know that they prefer to enjoy a pot of loose leaf tea, this is the teapot for the brave.

If you like these gift ideas or are wanting to look at our full collection, visit our website for the complete range of colourful teapots.