Give a gift of a lifetime, Chasseur cast iron

With the merry season of Christmas comes the dreaded task of thinking up what new and unique gift ideas the recipient is going to enjoy?

Wanting to give them something unique that they are going to love and use time and time again; thinking outside of the box is a must for coming up with some truly special ideas.

While some people like to go all out and buy a humorous if not sentimental gift, why not be thoughtful and give a gift that will last a lifetime.

Chasseur knob

This Christmas why not give someone you love a special gift and get them a Chasseur cast iron pan.

Cast iron is known for many reasons, whether it being its long durability, performance in the kitchen or its flexibility, cooking with cast iron can be a joy.

By treating someone you love to a Chasseur pan, you are giving them years of enjoyment and pleasure when they cook up delicious and tasty meals for family and friends.

Once handed down from generation to generation, owning cast iron was an honour and a ritual for many. By the time you were presented your cast iron, it was seasoned and ready to be used to its full capacity, whether that be baking breads, cooking up some tasty desserts or slow cooking a casserole.

Being incredibly versatile, when you cook with cast iron whether that be a frying pan or a casserole dish, you can use it to cook either on the hob or placed into the oven at a high temperature.

One of the biggest benefits of cooking with cast iron is the high temperatures that these sturdy pans can withstand.

When you think of cooking with cast iron, images of slow cooked casseroles often spring to mind, but the truth is further from the case.

Cast iron cooking is so much more than just casseroles; from pizzas, pancakes, loaves of bread, pasta, casseroles, crumbles, s’mores and a delicious one-pan roast dinner, your cast iron can do it all.

One cooking trend that has developed from cast iron, is one-pan cooking. This revolutionary style of cooking, sees you throw all ingredients into one pan together to cook and create a delicious, flavoursome meal at the end.

Chasseur urban grey

For those wanting to attempt one-pan cooking, timing is the biggest factor and learning to be patient before throwing all the ingredients in together is a must, but the final product at the end is worth the work.

When you cook all the ingredients in one pan together, the juices that have escaped when cooking will romantically mix together with the juices of another ingredient to create a delicious and satisfying concoction.

If you are considering treating someone you care about to a high-quality Chasseur pan, you can be relieved to know that the collection comes in a range of fun and fashionable colours to suit all kitchens.

No matter their style , the hardest decision you will have to make this Christmas will be choosing which colour to purchase for them.

Will it be Urban Grey, Chilli Red, Matt Black, Provence Blue or Flame Orange? To have a look at our full collection visit our website and book by the 22nd of December at 12pm for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas.