Getting The Most Out Of Your Garlic


You’ve probably heard of the wondrous anti-oxidising properties of garlic. The unmistakable The-best-way-to-prepare-garlicsmell of garlic and its health enhancing properties both come from the presence of a compound called alliin. As it’s stored within the cells of garlic, you need to chop, crush or slice it to activate the nutritional goodness. Once this happens it turns into a magical new compound called allicin, and it is this compound where the antioxidant and heart-beneficial properties are thought to come from. One of the many reasons a Mediterranean lifestyle seems to be so good for you!

So to crush, chop or slice is the likely answer you want to know!


Chef'n GarlicZoomMost of us aren’t professional chefs, and you may not have quite mastered the art of finely chopping something as fiddly as garlic without getting slightly frustrated. Don’t worry though, you can cheat! The GarlicZoom is perfect for freshly chopped and hassle-free garlic. A tried and true personal favourite of ours is the Chef'n GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper XL, which can chop 4 peeled garlic bulbs in one go. Simply run this gadget along your chopping board or counter top for perfectly chopped garlic every time.



A garlic press is the best way to crush your garlic, just place a top and tailed garlic clove in theGarlic-Crusher basket and work the lever to crush clove to a soft pulp. For true continental flair, it’s ready to use in a host of recipes from classic pasta sauces to salad dressings.

We recommend using a quality garlic press with a removable stainless-steel basket, such as our one pictured on the right. It is also dishwasher safe for hassle free cleaning, all you need to focus on is those cloves!

Slicing Garlic-SlicerFinally, we come to the last trickiest method of getting the most out of your garlic. Slicing your garlic for a subtler and ‘nuttier’ flavour. Don’t worry though, your fingers are safe! The GarlicSlice from Chef’n is our preferred tool for this job. Simply plop in your cloves and twist for perfect, paper-thin garlic slices. A great alternative to the other methods, these slices can be put more readily fresh into salads or as garnish.

Some Dexam Tips So before you start chopping, crushing or slicing your garlic, here are some useful tips:

  • Always store garlic in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Before crushing your garlic always make sure you have removed outer peel. You can easily do this with the flat edge of a large knife, and push down on a clove until you hear a satisfying crack. Then, simply peel away the skin.
  • If you’re struggling to get that distinct garlic odour out of your fingers you should try rubbing your wet hands on a stainless-steel surface. This works because the sulphur based allicin compounds will stick to the metallic surface instead.

See our full range of garlic choppers, crushers and slicers.