Get Wimbledon ready with Dexam

With Wimbledon finally here, the annual event for all tennis enthusiasts has begun. For those unfortunate few that were not so lucky and unable to score tickets to the must-attend event of the year, at Dexam we have the tools required to have one delicious tournament!

The Perfect Tools for the Wimbledon Tournament

Strawberry Huller 

wimbledon STWB

Fresh strawberries and cream is a must for any Wimbledon attendee. This strawberry huller from Chef’n makes light work of preparing strawberries! With the use of the huller you can remove the leaves and stem from the strawberry, getting it ready for serving.

Rabbit Twist to Lock Ice Bucket

stainlessicebucketrabbit for wimbledon

This double walled stainless-steel ice bucket can keep ice cool for much longer than in an ordinary ice bucket! Perfect for those wanting ice to add to their iced tea, or for storing prosecco bottles. The Twist to Lock Ice Bucket comes with handy stainless steel teethed tongs.

Chef’n SweetSpot

sweetspoticecram for delicious wimbledon treats

Get the kids involved in this year’s Wimbledon celebrations with the Chef’n SweetSpot ice cream maker! Easy to make, make homemade ice cream to enjoy in front of the television. From strawberry, vanilla to chocolate, get experimental, adding it to your strawberries this Wimbledon!

Dexam Non-Freeze Ice cream scoop

non-freezescoop for wimbledon icecream

You have just made yourself some homemade vanilla ice-cream and you are searching in the kitchen drawers for an ice cream scoop. Make sure that the ice cream scoop you reach for is the Dexam non-freeze ice cream scoop. This non-freeze scoop is the perfect tool, made from anti-freeze metal, this ice cream scoop will never freeze.

Dexam Baking Tray

bake this wimbledon with swissbakingtray

Easy to make, there really is no excuse for not making your own homemade scones. Using the Dexam baking tray and by kneading a handful on ingredients together, you can make yourself 10 fresh scones. Add a layer of cream and homemade strawberry jam and you have the perfect nibble to enjoy this summer.

Rabbit Champagne Pliers and Sealer set

champagnepliers to celebrate wimbledon

Suitable for champagne, but also prosecco and cava! A useful tool, the pliers help to swiftly remove the cork while the sealer can keep the bottle fresh and preserve the bubbles for longer. The sealer is also leak proof, giving you confidence when laying the bottle on its side when storing in the fridge! This tool is not just a must have during the Wimbledon fortnight but also a must have for anyone who enjoys a nice chilled bottle of prosecco to end the working week!

Dexam Pop Up Ice Tray

popupice for cold drinks at wimbledon

For those who like to make themselves a large jug of sangria or are wanting to chill their glass of iced tea, get making ice with the Dexam pop up ice tray. Easy to use, removing ice from this silicone tray is super easy. With a simple push, the ice cubes can easily be removed before being popped into your glass.

Dexam Ice lollies 

wimbledon lollypops

Sitting out in the sun can be hot work and a great way to cool down after all the emotions of an intense tennis match and that is with an ice lolly! From adult-only mojito lollies to a milky vanilla lolly for the children, get experimental with these Dexam ice lolly moulds. Pop your liquid into the moulds before placing into the freezer to set. Once set, remove from the freezer and enjoy.

London Pottery Spotty teapot and mug 

teapots for wimbledon

When the weather turns and the rain begins to pour in typical British fashion, put the kettle on and get pouring yourself a mug of your favourite tea. Whether Earl Grey or English Breakfast, there is only one teapot for such an important task and that is your globe red and white spotted teapot from London Pottery. With a built in filter, brew loose leaf tea into your matching mug, both available here at Dexam.

If these recommended tools interest you or you are wanting to see what other wonderful gadgets Dexam has to offer, visit our website and have one amazing Wimbledon this July!

wimbledon tennisball